TAISM Launches Recycling Program

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Beginning this school year TAISM will be recycling plastic bottles and shreddable paper. Collection bins are throughout the building, and there are large collection containers located near the carpark Exit 3, in the parking area after entering Gate 4 (Church side).

At the end of each school day, the OIG custodians will be emptying the school bins and placing the plastic and paper recyclable materials in large recycling containers that are located in the parking lot (entering through Gate 4) near Gate 3 (at the end).   Campus residents, all staff, and parents, can also bring acceptable plastic and paper recycle materials from home (only items listed above) and place in the bins in school or the large recycling containers.

OIG trucks collect the recyclables from the large collection containers weekly, and the materials are then taken to a warehouse in Muscat where there is a sorting facility.  Once sorted and bundled, materials are then trucked to the UAE where appropriate recycling will take place.  

The funds for this project were provided by TAISM's parent volunteers, through the money raised at the Fall Festival and International Day in 2018-19.  

TAISM believes that it is our social and environmental responsibility to participate in recycling that is being conducted in an appropriate and honest manner.  Most importantly, we want to encourage our community to make good choices in reducing, reusing, and recycling materials