Student Leadership

TAISM students can work on their leadership and collaboration skills through the Students Ambassadors and Student Council Programs.

Student Ambassadors

Starting in grade 5, students have the opportunity to serve as ambassadors. The ambassadors are a volunteer student leadership group. They provide school tours and information for new families during registration, help plan portions of assemblies, assist with special events, and in community service projects. Students work together with other student ambassadors to enhance leadership, collaboration and communication skills. In MS and HS, this group partners with the respective student council on events and leadership opportunities and also represents their division at school-wide events.

The Middle School Student Council

Being a part of this group offers students leadership opportunities and is a mechanism for involvement in middle school community affairs. Each year, student council procedures include nominations, one week of campaigning, a democratic election and a swearing-in ceremony. The student council consists of five positions on the executive council - president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, public relations officer and community service representative. Additionally, students can hold a one-trimester position as grade level representative. The student council is supported by a teacher advisor. The student council plans and carries out school and community activities such as middle school parties as well as service projects such as fundraisers, bake sales and global awareness initiatives. 

The High School Student Council

Contributing to student learning and leadership, the twelve elected members plan, coordinate, and execute numerous events throughout the school year. These events and opportunities focus on school spirit, promoting positive social interaction among the student body, building awareness, and serving our greater community. Over the years, the student council has been involved in organizing and leading events such as a welcome-back barbecue, social nights, formal dances (including prom), gift giving to the less fortunate, Spirit Day, head shaving (in conjunction with the Terry Fox Run in order to raise money for cancer research), special dress days, Valentine’s Day flower distribution, a Christmas gift exchange, and talent shows.