Discover Oman

Every student from Early Childhood through grade 12 will have the opportunity to explore a corner or aspect of the Sultanate of Oman that they would not normally experience within the classroom walls. TAISM’s flagship program, Discover Oman, is an experiential-based week of outdoor discovery. Students get up close and personal with the culture, geography, and people of the wonderful country we live in.

Elementary School Discover Oman

Every student from the Early Childhood program through grade 5 participates in a special two-week unit of study, experiencing dozens of activities related to our treasured host country, Oman. A majority of the adventures involve day trips to area museums, beaches or other natural landscapes. Special guest presentations on sea turtles, dolphins, and the environment are featured by local professionals. The program also provides a chance for staff and students to experience the rich and vibrant culture of Oman as they dress in traditional Omani oufits and visit Omani tents, receive a henna design on their hand, dance to the singing and drumming of Omani musicians, and taste delicious bread, dates and coffee at the school’s beautiful grass sports field.

Middle School Discover Oman

Each November, Middle School students embark on their respective Discover Oman adventures. In addition to having the opportunity to explore various regions of Oman, they will learn through experience, develop new friendships, and strengthen existing relationships. All grade 6 students participate in a cultural tour of the Nizwa region, complete with exploring ancient forts, learning about trade routes of the past, bartering in local souks, and hiking stunning wadis. Grades 7 and 8 students choose from a variety of trips to best tailor their experiences. From fishing off the shores of Sifah to exploring the lagoons of Bar al Hickman, from kayaking the coves of Bandar Al Khayran to sand boarding the Wahiba sands, and from learning about the life cycles of turtles to abseiling in Jebel Akhdar or Jebel Shams, students emerge from the experience with lifelong memories.

High School Discover Oman

The impact of an outdoor experience on children’s understanding of their roles in preserving the environment is immeasurable. Nature becomes the teacher and provides a wealth of opportunities and experiences that help students become responsible world citizens who take an active role in the preservation and conservation of the planet. 

Perhaps no other area of the curriculum addresses character development as much as Discover Oman. When students are taken out of their comfort zones and placed in new situations, a dramatic increase in coping skills and problem solving is evident. Adolescence is a time of life when there is a search for identity and self-worth. Significant growth takes place when students are involved in controlled risk-taking. 

Adventure programs for adolescents provide rich experiences of cooperation, teamwork, personal growth, communication, physical and mental challenges, problem solving, creativity, and fun. It is no accident that Discover Oman is the most talked about, most anticipated, and most remembered experience that high school students will have while at TAISM.