After School Activities

Our day doesn't end at 3:30!

The extracurricular program is an integral part of TAISM. We believe that student activities provide opportunities for creativity that enhance character, promote personal growth and augment classroom learning. The extracurricular program makes an essential contribution to the lives of students and the climate of our school.

In Elementary School, each trimester our young Eagles are offered a new rotation of activities to join. Ask any Elementary student what his or her favorite is, and the answer varies from journaling, floor hockey, board games, gardening, Irish dancing, karate, cooking, book club, and drawing. In Middle School, activities change by the trimester or season. Past examples of clubs include community service endeavors, Power Hour-Homework Club, Food Revolution, Robotics, Mindfulness, Yearbook, Minecraft and Book Club. In addition to Community Service, Drama, Music, and Sports, a wide range of opportunities encourage our High School students to be involved and extend their talents. Some examples of extracurricular clubs include everything from board games to a prep course for the SAT. Activities change by the season. 

Sports at TAISM
All students are welcome and encouraged to participate in TAISM’s sports program. Be healthy, develop character, learn skills and have fun are the goals of the ES Sports Program. Middle School & High School sports include soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, and track and field which run for eight/ten weeks during respective seasons, culminating with a SAISA tournament. For more information, visit our Athletics page. 

Performing and Visual Arts at TAISM​
Being a member of a drama production and music ensemble is an essential component of a student’s journey at TAISM. Participation in both formal and informal presentations is embraced in all levels - from Kindergarten through High School graduation. Visual Arts are a bridge we cross to deeper understanding of attributes that are intrinsic to humans, such as imagination and the instinct to create.  Visit our Arts page for more details.

Model United Nations (MUN) is an academic simulation of the United Nations. During an MUN conference, student delegates assume the role of ambassadors for their appointed countries. As delegates, they work in specific committees, such as the General Assembly, Security Council, or the Environmental Committee, and draft resolutions on a variety of international issues. They then debate, amend, and vote on those resolutions. TAISM students participate in conferences in Muscat and abroad.

Student Leadership and Community Service
TAISM students have a chance to work on their leadership skills by becoming Student Ambassadors or getting involved in the Student Council. The intent of the Community Service program is to encourage students to be active and engaged members of their communities, and to address important community issues. Visit the Community Service and Student Leadership pages for more information.