Wael Saif Al Daghari, TAISM Class of 2014

Learning at TAISM is an Experience I Wish for Everyone

Wael Saif Al Daghari, TAISM Class of 2014

Wael Saif Al Daghari graduated with the class of 2014 at The American International School of Muscat (TAISM). Wael went on to earn his Bachelors degree at Sciences Po Paris, in France, in Political Science with a focus on Middle Eastern Studies, and then earned his Masters in International Public Management. Today, Wael works at the Central Bank of Oman as an International Relationship Specialist. Prior to this position, Wael worked in similar capacities at the Ministry of Health and at UNICEF in Oman.


Wael started his journey at TAISM in the 7th grade as part of the MEPI Scholars program, under the  sponsorship of the US State Department in cooperation with the Omani Ministry of Education. Through this scholarship program, high performing young Omanis were selected to complete their middle and high school education at TAISM.

Wael looks at the education he received at TAISM as a privilege that he wishes to make available to more young Omani children. He went on to share a realization he had, “towards the end of my time at TAISM I realized how valuable this education system had been in my life and I thought to myself that everyone in Oman should have the same quality and opportunities in education. My experience at TAISM is why I want to see reforms moving forward in education today.”

towards the end of my time at TAISM I realized how valuable this education system had been in my life and I hoped that other young Omanis could experience the same quality and opportunities in education

Wael then reflected on what it was like to switch from Oman government (public) school to TAISM. “I never thought I would go to TAISM. I remember driving past the campus and seeing the green grass and I’d always wondered to myself what this building was, because it looked so nice. I didn’t know what it was until one day my dad told me it was the American School.”

Wael told us about how sometime during 6th grade he learned that he had been nominated for a scholarship at TAISM and how he so vividly still remembers the first time he interviewed with the Director, Kevin Schafer, and the then Middle School Principal, Keith Boniface. “ I remember Mr. Boniface asked me whether I was a troublemaker during that interview. At the time, with my English level, I thought he was asking if I believed I’d face challenges at TAISM so I responded with an enthusiastic yes.” Wael explained that someone ended up translating what was being said but that memory has always been something that makes him smile.

Wael shared some of his fears when he started school at TAISM, “it was scary because I only spoke a few words of English; however, I got assigned to the ELL (English Language Learner) program, and that really helped me.There was still a time when I wanted to quit though, because my grades weren’t as good as they used to be in Omani school.” Wael then told us how it was his dad who pushed him to stay at TAISM and that today he is very grateful that he did.

Our conversation then flowed into what Wael took away from his experience at TAISM, “the most important thing that TAISM instilled in me was the ability and importance of critical thinking. I was never taught to have my own thoughts prior to TAISM. TAISM really helped me understand why and how to question things, and not take everything for granted.”

the most important thing that TAISM instilled in me was the ability and importance of critical thinking

Towards the end of our chat we asked Wael to share some advice he had for 12th graders who are graduating today, and in his words, “I would say don't over plan. It’s good to have an idea of what you want but always remember that things will change. Have a general idea of where you see yourself and then let life happen.”

As the TAISM community, we would like to wish Wael all the best in his future endeavors, and we are excited to see all the amazing places life will take him.

Wael's senior year at TAISM with Model United Nation (MUN)

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