Tom Wilson, TAISM Class of 2020

You find things out about yourself you didn't know you had

Tom Wilson, TAISM Class of 2020

Meet Tom Wilson (TAISM Class of 2020)!  Tom studies International Relations and Modern History as a joint honors degree at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. 

How did you get interested in what you're studying?

That is one of the things I've got to thank TAISM for. Specifically, Mr. Scott Brink’s Social Studies class for seventh and eighth grade. I had an interest in History, but it was all Ancient History that you do in Elementary School. Mr. Brink’s class got me very interested in Geography, International Relations, and Social Studies in general. 

What made you think “I'm looking for a career in this field after all that studying?”

I was in MUN for three years at TAISM. Absolutely loved it. I got to Co-Chair the Security Council at TAISM. That was a lot of fun and back when I was in High School, I thought “I'd love to do something with the UN or in politics.”

I think that I focused on international relations because of my experience at TAISM – which is such an international environment. I mean, my name is Tom Wilson. I fit in very easily in Scotland, where I now study!  But it's very weird for me to leave a diverse setting with so many different nationalities and come to a place that's dominated by mostly Scottish, English and American students.  I know that I thrive in an international setting – TAISM formed this in me and helped me see that diversity and a multicultural environment is something I’d like to seek out in my life and career.

What are you enjoying about what you're doing right now? Whether it's your classes or time with your friends; what are you enjoying there? 

I’m in my Honors Years, my last two years, and there are only five people in some of my classes. It's very personal and you get to know and like your tutors and fellow colleagues.  I’m doing improv comedy once a week! We perform in front of about 100 people.

Do you think TAISM prepared you for that?

Actually, yes. I was in Mrs. Hovland’s drama and advanced drama classes, and lots of the theater productions at TAISM. We did some improv practice. Performing at TAISM in theater and choir got me really accustomed to performing on stage. 

What advice would you give to the younger alumni or current students at TAISM about their time here at school?

My advice would be to enjoy it!  Focus on your social and academic life at TAISM and getting involved in different kinds of things as much as possible. Work hard, do your best, but enjoy the little things. Enjoy your Terry Fox runs, enjoy just coming to class every day and seeing teachers. I don't get to see my teachers every day anymore. I miss Mr. Kelly every day!  Enjoy the years you spend at TAISM, because it's only a short time of your life that you'll remember forever.

What is your favorite activity you did here at school? Do you have a favorite TAISM tradition? Or a favorite subject or a memory?

There's a lot, because I was involved in so much. I was a part of the Kindred Chamber Choir throughout High School, and I'd say the Terry Fox Run and Spirit Days were a few of my favorites. MUN was a big one for me too, and it's great to see all of the high schoolers leading the group now that I’ve moved on. 

I heard you have a radio show! Can you tell me about it?

I have two radio shows that I upload to Spotify, yes.  They are both officially St. Andrew's radio shows. The Dispatch is on Mondays - I cover all different bits of news. It's very much linked to me wanting to be a journalist. It's not the most thrilling show, but it's good fun.  My other show is called "Lemme Talk".  We have people from different subjects come and speak with us. We had the Head of the Women in STEM Society on the show last Monday. We also welcomed students from the BAME (Black And Minority Ethnic) Student Network. 

Is there anything else you'd want people, maybe first-timers to our website, to know about your TAISM experience?

Children at TAISM learn to be part of a diverse community of many different people from many different backgrounds and cultures. Secondly, when people come to TAISM, they find parts of themselves that they didn’t know they had. When I came to TAISM I didn’t know I wanted to sing. You get to find out things about yourself that you didn't know you ever had and it will guide you through life. Being a part of TAISM’s community helped me figure out who Tom Wilson really is.  I’ll always be grateful for the social-emotional aspects of my learning at TAISM.