Oman is the Perfect Place for our Family

Dan Everett & Laura MacDonald, TAISM Staff

Laura and Dan with their children at the 2021 Terry Fox Run

Since 2009, Dan Everett and Laura MacDonald have been a staple of the TAISM community. They met in the early 2000s while working at the American International School of Kuwait, then married and taught several years at the Shanghai American School in China before settling in Muscat to work at TAISM.

“We had been to Oman on vacation from Kuwait, and it was so welcoming and beautiful,” says MacDonald. “When we heard about the job openings here, we came to visit Muscat. We were thinking of a place where our kids could have a warm, welcoming community, and immediately felt that from the teachers and staff at TAISM.”

Today, Everett is a counselor for students in Early Childhood and Elementary School. MacDonald is the Middle School and High School Health and Wellness teacher.

We both have jobs that we love. We get a lot of professional development and support from the leadership. As teachers, we can go to conferences and learn from top experts and are trusted to bring back new ideas to share and implement.

Laura MacDonald

Both MacDonald and Everett love the welcoming community atmosphere and have a drive to give back to both their school and host country. MacDonald, with the help of a large group of volunteers, organizes the annual Terry Fox Run at TAISM, which facilitates a large donation to cancer research at local facilities in Oman.

“The Omani people are gracious, amazing and hospitable,” says Everett. “We’ve loved raising our kids here, and we’re happy our kids are educated at TAISM. It feels like a family.”

Their children, who were born during Everett and MacDonald’s time in Shanghai, have been educated at TAISM since early childhood. In addition to the family atmosphere, the breadth of opportunities for students is helping their children thrive.


TAISM doesn’t force children to choose. They’re pushed academically, but they have the opportunity to be balanced with art, music and sports.

Dan Everett


While TAISM was the main attraction, the couple also has a deep love of Oman and the opportunities it provides for their active outdoor lifestyle.

“Within an hour or two from Muscat, we can go rock climbing, canyoning, hiking, paddleboarding or snorkeling, or we can relax on the beach. It’s all an easy weekend day trip,” says Everett.

"I love being able to go camping with our friends on the weekend and have our kids run around. It’s almost an old-fashioned life,” says MacDonald. “They can play outside, which is a cool experience a lot of people don’t have. It’s so safe and welcoming.”

The sense of safety and hospitality among the Omani people adds to Everett and MacDonald’s conviction that Muscat at TAISM is the perfect place for their family.