Badar Al Mamari, Security and Safety Manager

Lifelong Learner

Badar Al Mamari, TAISM's Security and Safety Manager 


Badar observes as families drop children off during Hybrid Learning at TAISM

TAISM’s mission to cultivate lifelong learners isn’t just something Badar Al Mamari believes in—it’s a mission he lives every day. While students and parents know Al Mamari best as TAISM’s Security and Safety Manager, he is also a former Squadron Leader from the Royal Air Force of Oman, an avid reader and fitness enthusiast, and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Security Risk Management (DSyRM) from the University of Portsmouth.

Badar Al Mamari admitted as a Chartered Security Professional by the Security Institute in the UK.

Al Mamari, who grew up in a small Omani village, had to overcome many obstacles in pursuing his education. When his father would travel, his brothers would wait for him to return with gifts and toys. Al Mamari, on the other hand, was waiting for books.

“I read all of the books in our Mosque,” he says. “There was no library or internet. We had no electricity. I’ve had a passion for learning and educating myself since I was a child. I was always the youngest in my class.”

Badar Al Mamari in the Sultan Armed Forces School (1991)

Al Mamari was also the youngest among his peers when he joined the Ministry of Defense at 15. Since then, he has accumulated accolades and degrees, including a Master of Arts in International Security Studies (2008), the Sultan Qaboos Commendation Medal (2012), and several professional certifications in the security field. Prior to joining TAISM, Al Mamari served as the Muscat International Airport's Security & Facilitation Manager. He was also the first Omani to be admitted as a Chartered Security Professional from the Security Institute in the UK.

Today, Al Mamari uses his cumulative experience and education to inform the safety and security practices at TAISM.

“A school is different. We balance between a welcoming environment and safety and security for the students to carry out their education,” says Al Mamari, who ensures the school’s boundary is secure and maintains authorization protocols for all school visitors. In addition to overseeing security measures himself, Al Mamari works with administrative units across the school and ensures protocols are communicated effectively across the TAISM community. He also regularly connects with Omani officials to remain informed of safety and security measures in the region.

“I have a close relationship with regional security officials and the Royal Oman Police. This helps us to mitigate risk and keep the school safe,” says Al Mamari.

Al Mamari, who has worked at TAISM since 2016, says interacting with parents and students is his favorite part of the day.

I treat any place I work as my home. I get to see the students learn and grow. I don’t see it as a job. I want to leave my fingerprint.

Al Mamari, who professes to be “addicted to learning,” has simple advice for TAISM students as they pursue their education and careers:

“You have to be your own friend and advisor. Take care of yourself and love yourself. If you do that, then you can do your best and work hard to achieve your goals.”