The Passing of HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said

Friday, January 17, 2020

Dear TAISM Students and Families,

This past week has been one of sadness, reflection and appreciation for the community of The American International School of Muscat (TAISM). The passing of Sultan Qaboos Bin Said has touched the lives of all of us in Oman. On behalf of the TAISM community, I want to assure our Omani families that we continuously offer our condolences to you, and that we stand with you in mourning.

The past three days of mourning have taught us lessons both culturally and personally. We learned that grief and loss requires time and space, and that this time and space are extremely important for us to thoughtfully reflect and appreciate others. In the past days we watched as Sultan Qaboos Bin Said was laid to rest and witnessed the outpouring of love in Oman and throughout the world. The impact of Sultan Qaboos will not be forgotten.

TAISM has a unique connection to Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. Through his Royal Order in 1997, he graciously gifted the land on which the school stands today to the US Embassy for the purpose of establishing an American school. I understand from our Ambassadors over the years that there were occasions when the Sultan would ask about the American school and he learned that TAISM was thriving.

Although I never had the opportunity to meet Sultan Qaboos, I feel personally touched by him. At the High School assembly today I took the opportunity to share my own reflections about Sultan Qaboos Bin Said:

When I see the beauty of grand mountains, seas of blue, and expansive deserts,
I think of Sultan Qaboos

When I experience the awesome valleys below the jebels 
and look up to the sheer cliffs of Musandam’s fjords,
I think of Sultan Qaboos

When I see the turtle, the fox, the camel, the oryx, the dolphins jumping to greet me,
I think of the care of Sultan Qaboos

When I choose to pitch my tent on any beach in Oman,
I thank Sultan Qaboos

When I view men collecting a generous bounty of fish from their nets,
I think of Sultan Qaboos

If I hear the sound of orchestras, bands, and singing,
I think of the musician Sultan Qaboos

When I see the exquisite abayas and dishdashas,
I sense the style of Sultan Qaboos

When I experience peace where I live, in the midst of regional challenges,
I thank Sultan Qaboos

As I am invited to freely practice my religion,
I thank Sultan Qaboos

When I hear the Call to Prayer,
I pray for Sultan Qaboos

When I see the development of a nation that is strategic and thoughtful,
I appreciate Sultan Qaboos

When I learn of the gift of education for all,
I thank Sultan Qaboos

Where I see tolerance and compassion practiced,
I see Sultan Qaboos

When I believe that peace is possible and human rights are valued,
I then understand Sultan Qaboos

and, because I feel the warmth of hospitality from every Omani I meet
I know I have met Sultan Qaboos

Kevin Schafer, TAISM Director