Mission & Learner Profile

The following core beliefs are the foundation of TAISM’s educational program:

  • The purpose of education is to enable all students to develop their intellectual, emotional, social, and physical potential to the fullest.
  • A broad-based (liberal arts) education is best suited to providing students with an understanding of humankind’s intellectual traditions and accomplishments, strengthening their powers of thought, judgment, and aesthetic appreciation, and preparing them for responsible citizenship.
  • All students are capable of achieving academic success. Therefore, within the framework of the school’s standards, teachers adapt their educational practices to the needs of students.
  • A close relationship among students, parents, faculty, and administrators enhances the educational process.
  • TAISM’s location in the Sultanate of Oman offers unique and invaluable learning opportunities for all members of the school community.
  • The Learner Profile guides and inspires learners toward academic success and beyond. These essential attributes exemplify TAISM’s Mission in action, as responsible, ethical and globally conscious life-long learners. We are committed to nurturing their development, so that learners can achieve their highest aspirations and contribute to creating a better world.