Extended over 77,000 square meters of land, the campus includes facilities for Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School programs. The School’s expansive Ghala campus opened in August 2000. Additional classrooms and facilities were added in 2002, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, and 2012 to meet the growing demand for an American international education in Muscat.  


For more information about our wonderful campus, browse through the facility details below:

Sports Facilities

Sports Fields
TAISM has two full-size, competition grass soccer fields.  Each field has flood lights for evening events and covered seating along one side of the field.  Two smaller grassed areas are adjacent to the large fields for warm-up, small practices, and elementary school games.

Two competition-size gymnasiums (sports halls) are known to the students by their colors: the “Blue Gym” and “Green Gym”. Besides being utilized for physical education classes at all levels, both gyms are capable of hosting volleyball and basketball games, and can be used either for single full court games or side-by-side games.  The Blue Gym can be set up with three badminton courts, while the Green Gym can have two. Each gym is equipped with electronic scoreboards and sound systems, and the Blue Gym also features retractable bleacher seating for 350 spectators and a divider curtain for facilitating separate classes or events.

Fitness Room
The Fitness Room features 120 square meters of space for strength training equipment and exercise.  There are three treadmills, two stationary bikes, two elliptical machines, a large selection of free weights, and weight lifting systems and benches. Additional equipment is available for TRX training, CrossFit, yoga, and step aerobics. Multiple walls are covered with full-length mirrors for optimal viewing of posture and form. A sound and projector system is installed for video demonstrations, workout programs, and music.

Outdoor Courts
In addition to indoor gyms, there is one full-size basketball/volleyball court that can be used for single games or side-by-side games.  On either side of the court are the elementary playgrounds. Small, movable bleachers are available for outdoor events.

Swimming Pool
TAISM has a six-lane, 25 meter competition swimming pool, complete with championship starting blocks and a new electronic timing system. In addition, TAISM has a teaching pool, ready for all of its Learn-to-Swim participants and their instructors. Physical education classes have access to the pool during the swimming units of study, and a competitive swimming program occupies the facilities after school.

Student Changing Rooms
The TAISM changing rooms, adjacent to most of our sports facilities, are newly renovated.  Individual shower stalls and a larger changing area make a comfortable space for students. New changing rooms were added in the summer of 2015 to increase our capacity.

The Donald and Eloise Bosch Center for the Performing Arts

The Donald and Eloise Bosch Center for the Performing Arts at The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) was inaugurated in a concert for parents, students, and honored guests on May 28, 2012. In addition to Mrs. Eloise Bosch and family members, H.E. Richard Schmierer, US Ambassador to the Sultanate of Oman, was present for the opening event which included performances by the High School Bands and Choirs. During that week, a series of performing arts events took place, celebrating the grand opening of the new center.

The Bosch Center for the Performing Arts was completed on the TAISM campus in Ghala. It includes over 4000 square meters of performance and audience space and seating for 522. The development of the school’s campus was designed to accommodate this spacious enhancement to the academic and activity programs. The architect for the building was Navjit S Matharu, A+D Canada. Mr. Matharu has worked with the school since the implementation of its master plan in 2000. Major consultants included Schuler Shook Theater Planners and Lighting Designers and Threshold Acoustics, both located in the US. A major design component is the acoustical treatments and the center. Wenger Corporation from Minnesota, USA, was the designer of the acoustical shell and side panels. Tim Willson, former TAISM Music Teacher, served as the school’s Project Manager.

The Donald and Eloise Bosch Center for the Performing Arts
This Center is dedicated to Donald and Eloise Bosch – both of whom devoted their lives to the service of humankind. Fifty-seven years ago this extraordinary couple and their three children set foot on the shores of Oman. As they stepped off a small wooden boat and onto the beach, they entered a country little known to the outside world, and astonishingly different from the prosperous and dynamic nation that Oman has become. Neither compulsion nor the promise of financial reward inspired the Bosches’ journey. They came because they were obeying the essential moral challenge proclaimed by all the world’s great religions: to love one’s neighbor as oneself.

We at TAISM recognize that life is full of challenges, and as the faculty, staff and students endeavor every day to live out the meaning of our motto, “Rise to the Challenge,” the lives of Donald and Eloise Bosch provide inspiration and elicit our admiration. Indeed, they epitomize the fulfillment of our motto. As one of only two surgeons in Oman in the 1950s, Dr. Bosch treated every ailment imaginable, from trachoma to tuberculosis, from malaria to malnutrition, occasionally seeing as many as 200 patients a day. To care for the sick and needy beyond Muscat, he traversed mountains along rough trails and crossed the desert plains of the interior to serve remote villages. And while Dr. Bosch was busy in his hospital, Eloise Bosch took upon herself the great challenge of teaching literacy, numeracy and health care to students of all ages. When the demands on her staff exceeded their capacity, she worked tirelessly to train teachers who could meet the growing needs of a people hungry for knowledge and skills to improve their lives in a rapidly changing world.

But the Bosches were more than a caring doctor and a committed educator. They demonstrated what it means to live a good life. In addition to their remarkable accomplishments in wardrooms and classrooms, we also celebrate their spirit of curiosity and passion for the arts. Throughout their lives, no subject – be it linguistics, anthropology, or natural science – was beyond their interest. Without formal academic training in conchology, they cataloged over a thousand types of seashells indigenous to Oman and South Arabia, including twenty species of shells new to science. True to form, they shared their impressive knowledge by authoring two books on the subject.  The Bosches also loved music, story-telling, drama, and dancing. Every weekend, they opened their home to people of any culture or nationality interested in learning the lively art of square-dancing. Treasured memories of those joyful evenings spent dancing under the stars remain vivid in the minds of all who were fortunate enough to have experienced the Bosches’ special brand of hospitality.

The Bosches’ lives highlight the vital role that the arts play in human life and society. Art enhances our capacity to think, feel, and imagine. It knows no borders and recognizes only our shared humanity. The Bosch Center for the Performing Arts, named in honor of this remarkable couple, will enrich the lives of our students by deepening their appreciation for all forms of artistic expression, and will offer students new opportunities to develop and share their artistic abilities. It is our fervent hope that the Center will stand as a physical and spiritual celebration of all they achieved as human beings, and as an inspiration for future generations of students to meet life’s challenges, artistic and otherwise, as the Bosches did – with courage, compassion, enthusiasm and love.


TAISM’s library facilities and programs have greatly evolved since 1998 from a single classroom to three separate facilities. The ES library, MS Learning Commons, and the HS library were completed in August 2015. Each facility has a distinct design and vetted collection which caters to the needs of the specific age of students and adheres to the TAISM Mission Statement. With over 21,000 print books and 3300 ebooks in its overall database, the TAISM libraries serve the entire school community. The libraries have an ever-growing collection of books, equipment, periodicals and digital resources and use Follett’s Destiny automated system and OverDrive ebooks. All three libraries are staffed with certified professional librarians who teach information literacy skills throughout the school.

The libraries are open for independent student use before and after school, during lunch, recesses and throughout the regular school day. Considered a community resource, the libraries are also open to parents throughout the day, although student and teacher use is prioritized. Elementary and middle school classes visit the library once during the 6-day cycle while HS classes use a flexible schedule. Independent study students use the HS library throughout the day.

TAISM’s libraries sponsor a number of special events during the school year including author visits, reading incentive programs, Children’s Book Week celebrations, Teen Read Week, Poetry Month, Book Clubs and Fairs.

From home, parents and students can search the catalog, create holds, and access our databases through the links below: 
Elementary Online Catalog and Resources
Middle School Online Catalog
High School Online Catalog


The Student Center Cafeteria is home to dining and socializing on the TAISM campus. With a full service kitchen, two service lines, and courteous staff representing the Jawad Company, the TAISM Cafeteria is a joyful and healthy gathering space with ample seating for 275 of our students, staff, and parents. Menus are posted in every weekly bulletin. The Cafeteria staff serves up to 400 hot lunches five days a week and caters school events with refreshments.

Students who choose to bring their own lunch may utilize the cafeteria, purchasing drinks and accessing the use of microwave ovens for heating food.  

Our Facilities in Numbers

Extended over 77,000 square meters of land, the campus includes facilities for Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School programs.

  • 51 classrooms
  • Integrated information technology throughout the campus
  • 6 science laboratories
  • Elementary School Library
  • Middle School Library
  • High School Library
  • Early Childhood Development Center
  • 5 visual arts studios
  • Saud Bahwan Performance Hall
  • 4 music classrooms and 4 small group practice rooms
  • English Language Learning Centers
  • Elementary School Cafeteria
  • Middle School Commons
  • High School Commons
  • Health office with full-time Registered Nurse available
  • 2 full-size indoor sports hall
  • Fitness center
  • 25 meter competition swimming pool
  • Outdoor covered sports courts
  • 2 natural grass-surfaced sports fields
  • 3 playgrounds