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Our Middle School program offers a global perspective through an American international education that benefits sixth, seventh, and eighth-graders as they begin to mature and shape their own world views. Learn more about TAISM’s Middle School and how the curriculum can benefit your child.

Principal's Message

Middle school is an exciting and complicated time of growth and exploration. Students are eager to learn, try out new ideas and activities, and express their opinions as they become independent and confident young adults. 

At TAISM, our teachers are caring and highly-trained educators. We understand that every student has unique learning needs, and address them with empathy, understanding, and research-based pedagogical practices. 

Here, learning is flexible and fun, and goes beyond the classroom. In addition to motivating students towards academic excellence, at TAISM, we also encourage students to try new activities and explore their interests in the arts, athletics, and other extracurricular organizations.

Beyond the broad-based educational program at TAISM, what truly makes our school stand out, is the strong sense of connection and community that we all feel. With families from over 60 countries, our inclusive, international population regularly collaborate, explore ideas together, and provide opportunities for our students to shine in many ways. Our students are accepting, welcoming, and enjoy learning from one another. It is an honor to be a part of such a diverse and vibrant school community. 
I look forward to welcoming your child and your family into our Middle School community!

Peter Lee

Middle School Principal


A Rigorous Curriculum

Our comprehensive Middle School program takes students on a journey through their academics and prepares them for the upcoming challenges of high school. At TAISM, we offer a six-day rotating schedule for our Middle School students. Each day holds different experiences and instruction as students move from class to class.

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Extra Curricular Activities

A well-rounded education is vital to your child’s learning. That's why we offer activity choices including sports, art, drama, and music to help them find new passions, and remain engaged in Middle School. We encourage them to explore their interests in areas beyond academic subjects and expose them to a diverse array of activities.

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Discover Oman

Living in this beautiful country presents many fantastic learning opportunities, which is why our school offers the Discover Oman program as a part of our curriculum. In this required experience, students will gain a better understanding of Oman, its culture and people, and what makes this country so intriguing. We visit outdoor attractions, meet some of the Omani people, and so much more.

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Online Learning

There may be times when holding classes in-person may not be possible. While having our students and teachers on campus will always be our preferred method of learning, TAISM’s dedication to using the best learning technology and online learning systems under normal circumstances ensures times of complete online learning are as seamless as possible.