Middle School

Student Support

Middle school is a time of great challenge and growth for every student. Our staff is here to support your child and encourage the development of healthy habits as they continue learning and growing.

Learning Support

Since every child learns differently, our student support services are in place to help each student meet their own unique challenges. Our Student Support Team works with your child’s strengths and offers help where they need it to help them effectively engage in classes and meet their learning goals.

Our Learning Support programs are designed to be responsive to the needs of our current students. We offer support classes for students who need extra support in their academic subjects as well as special courses for organization and communication skills to support learning.

Counseling Services

Our Middle School counselor is an excellent resource for our students and works with them in individual, small group, and larger settings as well. Counselors at TAISM are trained to provide short-term individual and group counseling to address mental, physical, and socio-emotional concerns that may be impacting students’ learning and/or their well-being. If a student requires long-term counseling, counselors can assist with locating resources outside of school to help support the student. TAISM counselors offer support and information to parents in a variety of ways: individual meetings, email, newsletter, parent forums, etc. Parents are encouraged to conference with their child’s counselor by phone, email or in person regarding any aspect of their child’s well-being while at TAISM.

Please feel encouraged to contact us if you have any questions regarding these services.

English Language Learning Support

As an international school, one of TAISM’s greatest strengths is the diversity of our student body. Children from around the world come here to learn and grow under a broad-based, American international curriculum, and while we all benefit from the diverse voices and ideas of our students, sometimes language barriers can get in the way of our connections. 

That’s where our English Language Learning Support specialists come in. Our Middle School English Language Learners course* is designed to enable students to be academically successful in other content areas and build proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing English.

*English Language Learners fills the world language requirement.

Student Support Team

Our Student Support Team includes the Middle School principal, counselor, and specialized support teachers who work to ensure your child receives the individualized learning support they need.

Behaviors that Support Learning

In the TAISM Middle School, we help our students develop critical learning behaviors that will encourage their academic development. These behaviors include:

  • Being Prepared

  • Being Organized

  • Being Engaged

  • Persevering

  • Collaborating