Middle School


TAISM is a member of the Muscat Secondary Sports League (MSSL), which includes soccer, volleyball, basketball, track and field, and swimming. TAISM is a member of SAISA (South AsianĀ Inter-Scholastic Association). Middle School athletes compete alongside high school athletes at the SAISA end-of-season meets and even travel abroad to competitions.

Our Sports Programs

TAISM has rotating sports seasons, so students can participate in swimming, volleyball, soccer, track and field, and basketball. Our sports environment is as inclusive as possible. Everyone can participate in these clubs and all students who want to learn a sport can, whether or not they go on to compete. For those who do compete, TAISM is a founding member of the Muscat Sports League and is also a member of the South Asian Inter-Scholastic Association (SAISA).

Track and Field

Track and field teams, made up of boys and girls, begin competing in February. Meets are held throughout the season, which ends in April. 


Our aquatic program for both boys and girls lasts year-round. Swim meets are hosted periodically throughout the year.