Middle School


In Middle School, students grow through challenging core classes and a range of electives in an environment where communication, contribution and collaboration are encouraged and valued.

Communicate. Contribute. Collaborate.

A rigorous, liberal arts education provides our sixth, seventh, and eighth-grade students with challenges across core academic subjects and a range of electives, where students can discover and explore their interests.

Our teachers promote a sense of community and encourage students to communicate and contribute their ideas and knowledge in the classroom. Collaboration among peers is a key component of our Middle School program, and students learn to work together productively and with compassion. Middle School Students develop their skills in the areas of organization, preparation, and perseverance in all of our classes.

Our students experience year-long core subjects, including language arts, science, math, and social studies. In addition to these traditional academic subjects, students also choose year-long electives as a part of their core curriculum. All students also take three trimester-long courses per year. Throughout Middle School, students are exposed to new experiences and concepts in health, the arts, design, and technology.

Home Base Program

The Home Base program is a comprehensive advisory program designed for the emerging adolescent. At this critical developmental point in their lives, understanding and acceptance from supportive adults, friends and classmates go hand in hand with success. The purpose of the Home Base program is to provide a structured time to address the academic, social, and personal needs of students in Middle School.

Trimester Classes

Core subjects including language arts, math, science, and social studies are taught across our Middle School curriculum, building from each year to the next. In addition to these foundational subjects, our students engage with three different subjects each year on a rotating basis. These trimester classes expose students to art, drama, health, design, and coding, giving each time dedicated to experiencing and exploring these subjects to help them find their passions and strengths, and select courses and activities to pursue in the future.

TAISM Middle School makes me feel proud because our community is united as a family. MS takes care of one another and makes sure that no one feels left out and everyone is always included!

Agustina C., Grade 7