Middle School


We believe it's important to supplement academics with extracurricular activities that encourage growth and exploration and foster a sense of connection to our school, classmates, and staff. We offer sports, after school clubs, and leadership opportunities that your child can enjoy beyond traditional classes.

Growth outside the classroom

School is more than academic classes. It’s a time of learning, growth, and exploration. We provide opportunities for your child to explore their interests beyond their core courses through after school activities and sports programs. With accessible, inclusive clubs and teams, we support students who want to learn new skills, explore new activities and passions, and make new friends and connections. 

After School Activities

After School Clubs are an integral part of TAISM’s culture. We believe as many students as possible should participate in these activities, and strive to cultivate a variety of clubs and organizations for our students to explore and participate in. In addition to organized activities, students can choose to stay on campus and use the library to collaborate on projects and school work, read, and research. 

In Middle School, clubs are available based on student interest. Some clubs are based on the visual and performing arts, while others are based on interests such as chess, robotics and coding. Some of our most popular clubs include:

Why Participate?

By engaging in clubs and activities, your child will:

  • be exposed to new interests and find their talents
  • spend time with peers who have similar interests and feel like they fit in
  • further develop their social skills outside the classroom
  • build confidence by taking positive risks

Student Leadership

To foster a sense of community and encourage those who show a desire to lead, we give an opportunity to do so with our Middle School Student Council, Home Base Representatives and Ambassador Program. The student body elects officers to the student council who lead our students through community service initiatives and who plan school events. Our Home Base reps advise the principal and participate in school-wide decision-making while our Ambassadors welcome new students and represent the Middle School at community events.

I 'm really grateful for the sport-related opportunities I'm given. I'm so lucky that I'm able to practice any sport I want in a safe and driven environment. I'm lucky that I have a community of coaches and athletes around me that drive me to improve and give my all in the events that matter.

Zed J., Grade 7