Student Support

How students learn, how they develop language and communication skills, and how they make healthy decisions for themselves resonates TAISM’s best practices of nurturing a child’s academic, emotional, and social well being. Student Support Services at TAISM include: 

  • Learning Support
  • English Language Learners
  • Counseling Services

Child Study Team (CST) and Student Support Team (SST)
In ES, students currently enrolled at TAISM may be considered for services if they are referred by a classroom teacher or parent. This process is facilitated by the Child Study Team (CST), a group of professionals with a range of expertise.  in MS and HS, it is the responsibility of the Student Support Team to identify the student’s strengths that promote learning and challenges that compromise potential academic growth. The SST is comprised of the division's principal, counselor, student support teacher, ELL teacher (when required) and school nurse (when required). 

Learning Support Philosophy
At TAISM, we believe every child can learn. We respect and appreciate different learning styles and we encourage students to challenge themselves. We foster internal motivation and self-awareness. Services are provided to support learning experiences so that students move towards greater independence. Parents, as important working partners with the school, are involved in the decisions that are necessary in order to create the most effective learning program possible. For more information about Learning Support at TAISM and admission of students needing support services, check our FAQs page.

English Language Learning Program
Our goal is to move students toward greater engagement and independence in their general classroom environments as they acquire English language learning skills. We strive to cultivate a learning environment that complements a student’s cultural heritage and experience in a way that supports emotional needs and builds on academic success across the curriculum, over time. For more information about ELL at TAISM in general, visit our FAQs page. For more information about ELL in Elementary School, please click below:

Elementary English Language Learning Services at TAISM

What ELL services are available at TAISM?

ELL services are available in the student's general classroom, as well as in the ELL classroom.  In addition to the ELL teacher, well-trained staff members collaborate to respond to students' academic and social needs. Each student’s level of need for services will vary depending on language ability and/or level of participation.

The most common service model for early language learners is a combination of support both in and out of the general classroom. ELL students of all designations (emergent, intermediate or fluent) attend English class in lieu of a World Language (Arabic, French or Spanish) three times every six day cycle.

Push-in support (assistance in the general classroom) is provided to guide comprehension and cultivate student participation across the curriculum, academically and socially, for all students, as organized by the homeroom teacher. In this setting, trained assistants can work with small groups or individually with a particular child.

Pull-out service, in the ELL classroom, is also coordinated with the mainstream curriculum. As a result, much of what is done in ELL is reflective of the same skills and subject matter being presented in the general classroom. The content curriculum in ELL embeds the standards and benchmarks (Common-Core Curriculum) using selected texts, as well as themes from the student's appropriate grade level.

Counseling Services
Counselors are an integral part of the educational team at TAISM. There is a counselor for each divisional level. In HS, there are two counselors and a counseling assistant. Counselors at TAISM are trained to provide short-term individual and group counseling to address mental, physical, and emotional concerns that may be impacting students’ learning and/or their well-being. If a student requires long-term counseling, counselors can assist with locating resources outside of school to help support the student. TAISM counselors offer support and information to parents in a variety of ways: individual meetings, email, newsletter, parent forums, etc. Parents are encouraged to conference with their child’s counselor by phone, email or in person regarding any aspect of their child’s well-being while at TAISM.

Please feel encouraged to contact us if you have any questions regarding these services.