Middle School

Middle School is an exciting time where students are eager to learn, try out new activities, explore their interests, and express their opinions—all on their way to becoming independent thinkers and confident young adults. At TAISM, our teachers are caring and highly-trained educators who understand every student has unique learning needs and aim to keep learning flexible and fun.
With the changes to the 2020-21 school year by COVID-19, our teachers and staff will be using these skills of compassion, flexibility, and creativity more than ever. From the start of the school year on August 25 through October 31, TAISM classes will be held online. Specific procedures for online learning are available in our Middle School Online Learning Plan

Know that our teachers are dedicated to ensuring our students’ learning remains on track, engaging, and supportive as we navigate this year together. We also remain dedicated to promoting a sense of community and helping students to feel connected to classmates and teachers, all important components of the middle school experience. When we transition towards in-person classes on November 1 using TAISM’s Hybrid Learning model (outlined in the Return to TAISM plan), we will do so with both caution and excitement.
We are excited to welcome our Middle School students back to school for an exciting and engaging year of learning, collaboration, and connections.