Middle School

Middle school is an exciting time! The students are eager to learn, try out new ideas and express opinions - all on their way to becoming independent thinkers and confident young adults. Our middle school is staffed by caring, competent individuals who understand the importance of providing multiple pathways for success, being flexible, engaging students’ minds and keeping learning fun. Our aim is to create a community of learners who feel connected to both each other and our school. 

You will find our philosophies, core beliefs, description of our courses of study, policies and procedures, and other valuable information in the Middle School Handbook. The handbook is prepared by the school administration after a review of policies approved by TAISM’s Board of Directors and input from the school’s Professional Staff. Questions regarding the handbook can be addressed to the Middle School Principal.

We also invite you to become an active part of our middle school community - whether it is via the middle school concerts, drama performances, sporting events, Back-to-School Night, parent conferences and coffees, or being a parent volunteer, we hpe that you will take advantage of opportunities to be an active part of our community.