High School

The ingredients of an exceptional high school include dedicated students and teachers, excellent resources, and a warm, supportive community. The high school at The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) has all these ingredients and adds to the richness of an international student body. Students representing approximately 61 nationalities come together daily at TAISM, bringing with them the diversity and wisdom of their respective cultures. This chemistry contributes significantly to each student’s growth and development.

The 2020-21 school year is an unusual one for our school as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.  From August 25 - October 31, we will be engaged in online learning. Our High School Online Learning Plan has been implemented to provide the highest level of interaction between teachers and students, and students and their peers. This active learning model exemplifies our core beliefs about learning in a supportive and collaborative environment where all members are contributors to the learning community. From November 1, we will invite our students back to the campus employing a Hybrid Learning model. Our goal is to return to fully on-campus schooling when local authorities permit. 

More information regarding our three models of schooling for this year: Online, Hybrid, and fully On-Campus can be found in our Return to TAISM Plan.


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High School Program of Studies (course descriptions)

The TAISM High School Program of Studies is designed to provide parents and students information about course offerings, prerequisites, workload, graduation requirements, and other support programs in high school. The course offerings at TAISM are varied and provide you with opportunities to be successful. It is important to review the Program of Studies to understand the many great academic opportunities in high school.

High School Graduation Requirements

The accumulation of 27 credits in Grades 9 - 12 is necessary to graduate from TAISM.

Subjects Minimum Credit for Graduation*
English 4.0
Social Studies 3.5
Mathematics 3.0
Science 3.0
World Languages 2.0
Visual and Performing Arts 2.0
Physical Education 1.5
Health 0.5
Information Technology 0.5
Electives 7.0

*(1 Credit = 1 Year)

College and Career Planning

The Counseling Center at TAISM provides information about colleges and universities, college entrance tests, scholarship and financial aid.  Parents and students are welcome to use the many resources available in the Counseling Center, on the TAISM website, and on MaiaLearning​ Family Connection.  We hope you will come to the Counseling Center for help on post-graduation plans.  

College Search Tools and Resources

  • MaiaLearning​ – Family Connection by MaiaLearning​ – This is a comprehensive website that students and parents can use to help in making decisions about courses, colleges, and careers.  Family Connection is linked with the Counselor’s Office, and is a service that is used to track and analyze data about college and career plans. It provides up-to-date information that is specific to TAISM.  
  • www.collegenet.com – scholarship information
  • www.kaplan.com – testing information
  • www.collegeboard.com – and www.sat.org/international- to register for SAT , SAT Subject Tests
  • https://www.khanacademy.org/sat - free SAT preparation
  • www.actstudent.org/intl – register for ACT
  • www.commonapp.org – a sample application that is common to what many U.S. colleges are requesting
  • www.peterson.com – includes a personal organizer, practice tests for the SAT and ACT, and discussion groups
  • www.xap.com – gives students a head start on the admission process by leading them through questions about high school courses and the types of colleges they would like to attend
  • Studying in Canada - Information on Canadian colleges
  • www.fafsa.gov – online version of the Federal Financial Aid form for U.S. universities

College Visits
Throughout the year, representatives from dozens of colleges and universities visit TAISM. It is important for students to participate in these opportunities so that they can receive more information on potential colleges of their choice, as well as meet representatives from a variety of universities.  All college visits take place during lunch from 11:45–12:30.  See the schedule of college visits on MaiaLearning, the weekly bulletin, or contact the High School Counselor’s Office.

College Entrance Exams

PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test):

The PSAT is a practice test for the SAT and is only administered in October at TAISM.  All grade 10 and 11 students take the PSAT.  PSAT results are returned in December or January and scores are on a scale of 160-760 for two parts: 

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing, and Math 
  2. Reading, Writing and Language, and Math  

While the PSAT doesn’t count towards a student’s college admissions applications, it is the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship.  Some of the highest scoring students may receive scholarship money when taking the test in grade 11 if they are a U.S. citizen. To prepare for the PSAT exam all students will receive a copy of the preparation manual.  To learn more about the PSAT exam, please review the information on the College Board website.


The SAT is used by most American universities and colleges, as well as many other universities around the world, as an entrance requirement and as a predictor of academic success. The SATmeasures reading, writing and language, and math skills. The total score on the SAT ranges from 400-1600 with 200-800 for two parts: 

  1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing  
  2. Math (with and without a calculator)  

An optional SAT Essay is scored on three scores ranging from 2–8. The SAT is offered four times per year. It is advised that the SAT be taken in December or March of the junior year.  It can be taken again in the fall of the senior year if necessary. The SAT takes approximately five hours (with breaks) if students are also taking the 50 minute essay.

The SAT was Redesigned and first offered in May of 2017. The redesigned SAT has a sharper focus on the relatively few things that research shows matter most for college and career readiness and success.  The changes made to the assessment also reflect a commitment to improve outcomes for students and deliver expanded opportunity to achieve excellence. For more information about the redesigned SAT please contact the High School Counseling department or visit the Collegeboard website.

Go to sat.org/international to register for the SAT exam.
TAISM’s SAT test center code is 52548.
TAISM’s school code is 688092 (SAT).

Go to https://www.khanacademy.org/sat for free SAT preparation lessons.

SAT : Subject Tests

These are one-hour exams which measure mastery of a specific content area and one’s ability to apply that knowledge.  There are 24 one-hour exams that cover writing, foreign languages, mathematics, sciences, history and literature.  An English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) is included to help students whose second language is English.  These one-hour exams consist of multiple choice questions. Students can take up to three SAT Subject Tests in one sitting. Students cannot take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests on the same day. For more information follow THIS link and to register for the Subject Tests (five times per year at TAISM) go to: sat.org/international

ACT (American College Test)

The ACT is a test designed to measure a student’s critical thinking skills and to assess a student’s ability to apply knowledge and logic when solving problems.  Some southern, mid-western and western colleges require the ACT. The ACT gives sub-scores in English, mathematics, natural science, and social studies. A composite score is also given which averages the separate sub-scores (scores range from 1-36).

The ACT is administered at TAISM twice per year and is going to be a computer-based test beginning December 2018.

Go to http://www.actstudent.org/ to register for the ACT exam.
TAISM’s test center code is 872040
TAISM’s school code is 688092 (ACT).