Early Childhood

I see…….I think…….I wonder!!

We believe young children are active, capable learners who grow and develop at their own rate in an environment that promotes inquiry and instills a passion for wonder and active exploration. We value a play-based curriculum that is supported by standards, focused on the whole child, and fostered by parent partnerships. We understand children are best understood in the context of their family, culture, and society. We strive for children to develop a love for learning to become independent, lifelong learners.

The Early Childhood program is based on a play-based, emergent curriculum. Within this approach, teachers use a scope and sequence of the TAISM EC Standards as the foundational backbone of the classroom. Children will be challenged and supported throughout their learning by teachers and assistants who are knowledgeable on standards and each individual child’s goals.

The Early Childhood Handbook is provided to EC families for the purpose of conveying the program structure, school policies, and general procedures.  The handbook is prepared by the school administration after a review of policies approved by TAISM’s Board of Directors and input from the school’s Professional Staff.  Questions regarding the handbook can be addressed to the Early Childhood Coordinator or the School Director.