TAISM High School Graduation Class

High School


Our High School program is both rigorous and flexible, and is based on an American International curriculum—including a credit-based diploma and Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Our students drive their own learning journey as they prepare for higher education.

Principal's Message

The ingredients of an exceptional high school include dedicated students and teachers, excellent resources, and a warm, supportive community. The High School at TAISM has all these ingredients and adds to the richness of an international student body. Students representing approximately 61 nationalities come together daily at TAISM, bringing with them the diversity and wisdom of their respective cultures. This chemistry contributes significantly to each student's growth and development.

Our high school provides a premier college-preparatory education while allowing students to explore their interests through elective courses and after school activities. With such a wide range of opportunities, our students graduate as well-rounded individuals ready to succeed in university and beyond.

TAISM High School Principal Richard Petersen

Richard Petersen

High School Principal

High School Diploma

We offer an American high school diploma with the option to enroll in Advanced Placement (AP) university-level courses. TAISM's diploma and AP courses are accepted by both American and international universities, making it easy for students to transition to higher education institutions around the world.

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AP Courses

Advanced Placement courses prepare students to take AP subject tests. These tests, which are regulated by the College Board, are the gold standard for getting ahead and receiving college credit while in high school.

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Planning for the Future

Our counselors, teachers, and staff are dedicated to translating your child’s academic successes into acceptance at their ideal university. We strive to ensure your child is prepared for higher education and excited about their transition to what comes next.

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Activities for Everyone

High school is a great time to explore new interests and cultivate existing passions. Activities include varsity sports in the South Asia Inter-School Association (SAISA) and Muscat Secondary Sports League (MSSL) and a diverse collection of clubs.

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I've always appreciated the little moments. Arriving at school, giving my friends hugs and my teachers high fives, laughing through the halls and talking to teachers about life during lunch, cracking jokes with the team during track and volleyball practice, and so many more. These little moments are what make up the joyful and irreplaceable memories of being at school.

Aliya Al Mughairi, Class of 2020

Online Learning

There may be times when holding classes in-person may not be possible. While having our students and teachers on campus will always be our preferred method of learning, TAISM’s dedication to using the best learning technology and online learning systems under normal circumstances ensures times of complete online learning are as seamless as possible.