High School


Our commitment to extra-curricular activities extends to our sports teams. Students work together with dedication and focus to perform at the highest level for games and tournaments in soccer, volleyball, track and field, basketball, swimming, badminton and tennis. TAISM is a proud part of the South Asia Inter-School Association (SAISA) and the Muscat Secondary Sports League (MSSL).

More Than A Game

Extra-curricular activities, including our wide range of sports, are vital to the intellectual and emotional development of our students. TAISM Eagles play with integrity, and cooperation. Students not only engage in a great physical activity, but also learn self-discipline, respect for their teammates and opponents, and accountability for their own actions.

SAISA - Travel Internationally

Through the SAISA League, our student athletes compete on their home campus and travel to other member schools to compete throughout the year.  

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TAISM is a proud member of the South Asian Inter-Scholastic Association (SAISA), which promotes and coordinates activities among international schools in the region.

Girls Volleyball

Volleyball begins in September and goes through November as our girls' team compete in the SAISA tournament.

Boys Volleyball

Volleyball begins in September and goes through November as our boys' team compete in the SAISA tournament.


Our aquatic program for both boys and girls lasts year-round. Swim meets are hosted periodically throughout the year.


The girls' and boys’ basketball teams play in the late winter to early spring with other teams from our region.

Track and Field

Track and field teams, made up of boys and girls, begin competing in February. Meets are held throughout the season, which ends in April. 


The girls’ and boys’ soccer teams compete with other schools in the SAISA from November through February.