High School

Discover Oman

Living in Oman gives students access to beautiful scenery and once-in-a-lifetime cultural experiences. With TAISM’s flagship Discover Oman program, your child will get to explore their host country in a new way—traveling to new areas, engaging with the community, and discovering more about themselves along the way.

Explore & Engage

Learning and living in Oman provides students with some truly unique experiences. In Muscat, we are surrounded by gorgeous scenery from the rocky mountains to the sea, and we believe there are immeasurable benefits to be gained from exploring and experiencing our surroundings.

Each year, High School students participate in our flagship Discover Oman program. Students choose a program where they can explore one of Oman’s hiking routes, participate in a beach restoration project, or engage with an arts-related organization. For all four years of High School, students participate in these activities and get to see a different side of the Sultanate each time.

Trips are traditionally held in February during the second semester of school and last a week.


Personal Growth

These trips provide a chance for personal reflection for all students and increase self-awareness and self-reliance through challenging and adventurous experiences.


Strong Relationships

Strong relationships are formed between students and faculty throughout the week. Students live as a group during and learn the responsibilities of group living.


Environmental Appreciation

Students gain increased respect for the environment through exposure to the unique habitats and topographical features of Oman, and learn the impact of humans on the land.


Cultural Awareness

Students become more culturally aware of their host nation. They are exposed to Oman in a new way and cultivate an appreciation for Omani culture, geography, and people.