High School

College Planning

TAISM College Planning & Counseling team helps guide students through the process of university application and career planning. Our counselors work closely with students and family to provide support throughout the high school years.

College Planning & Counseling

While we are never eager to see a TAISM Eagle leave the nest, we are always happy to see them reach great heights at university and in their careers. Our trained and knowledgeable counselors are on-hand to help guide our High School students through choosing universities, the application process, and accepting their place as an undergraduate.

Our university counseling is conducted in group settings and individual meetings with students throughout their High School career.

College Counseling Curriculum

Guidance on choosing a college and major is a part of our High School curriculum. Through dedicated group workshops and individual meetings, our college counselors guide High School students through the planning and application process.

Grade 9

In their freshman year, our students engage in self- and career-exploration to learn more about their strengths, interests, and personality and how that can connect to future majors and careers. Students focus on their transition to high school and learn skills for success to support their academic and postsecondary plans.

Grade 10

In their sophomore year, our students explore universities and begin brainstorming career choices based on their interests and strengths. Students are encouraged to consider university destinations and admissions requirements.

Grade 11

In their junior year, students research universities in earnest.  Students research institutions, begin making decisions about universities, and form a standardized test plan based on these choices and admissions requirements for their target universities.

Grade 12

Our senior students have help from our College Counselor when applying to universities, and have support from application to acceptance. Our counseling program also offers support for the transition from high school to university life.

University Destinations

Our graduates have many options when the time comes to choose a university. Since 2016, our students have moved on to some of the best universities around the globe. Below are some of the universities TAISM graduates have chosen since 2016.

College and Career Counseling

For many, the first step in choosing a university program is deciding on a career path. Our counselors help students assess their strengths, weaknesses, talents and strengths using proven assessment tools.

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We have seen our son grow in leaps and bounds academically through the learning and support he received from TAISM. We are also happy to share that he got several admissions into prestigious colleges for his course of study back home in Canada, which includes our most preferred university. This next step has been a huge concern for us, but seeing our son cruise easily through it shows that he did get great support and learning from TAISM.

Lola A.

For more information on our counseling curriculum and college planning resources, view our High School Program of Studies.