Elementary School


Our full-day Kindergarten to Grade 5 program gives students a special place where learning, collaboration, participation, and meaningful communication are paramount. We want your child to feel valued and heard, to explore their personal passions and interests, and to be prepared for their educational journey.

Principal's Message

Elementary school is a time of astounding growth. Our highly-qualified and compassionate educators support your child’s development and ensure their unique learning needs are met. Our curriculum is further enhanced by our Learner Profile, a core component of TAISM, which guides and unifies learning across our school.

In your child’s home classroom, they will learn literacy, mathematics, science, and social studies. They will also be given opportunities to explore the arts, media literacy, physical education, technology and coding, and languages in additional classes to diversify their skills and help find their talents. Your child will also have the opportunity to engage in field trips, school-wide events, our flagship Discover Oman program, and after school activities. 

We’re excited to meet you, your family, and your child, and welcome you into the TAISM family here in beautiful Muscat. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Ryan Leibel

Elementary School Principal


A Robust Curriculum

With small class sizes, your child will be engaged in a learning environment tailored to their unique needs and skills.

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Discover Oman

Throughout their time at TAISM, your child will experience our vibrant and gracious host country through our flagship Discover Oman program.

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There is a very healthy relationship between children, the principal, and teachers. It's a very friendly learning environment.

Elementary School Parent