Elementary School

Student Support

We aim to create a supportive and positive environment for all learners. That is why we take a holistic approach to student support, which includes educational assistance, daily encouragement, and aid for healthy social and emotional development.

Supporting Students and Families

We work closely with parents and have a body of highly qualified and experienced teaching and support staff who provide a warm and nurturing environment in which all children can thrive and succeed.

English Language Learning (ELL)

For students who are learning English, we provide an English Language Learning (ELL program) with a specialized ELL teacher and assistants, and well trained staff throughout the Elementary School.  Our staff collaborate to help your child engage and develop greater language proficiency and independence.


TAISM's full-time Elementary Counselor is available to assist students and families with personal and academic questions and address concerns in one-on-one, group, and classroom settings. Our counselors teach Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) principles to students so they learn to maintain positive relationships, manage their emotions, set and achieve goals, and express themselves at a young age. TAISM counselors maintain an open-door policy to be as available to you and your family’s needs.

Student Support Team

We respect and appreciate that every child is unique and learns in their own way. Our Student Support Team (SST) is a group of professionals with a range of expertise with elementary students who need additional learning support. This team responds to provide one-on-one support and additional resources as needed.

We're proud to be part of such a great community. Our  son feels comfortable  here, and we feel like we belong.

Elementary School Parent