Elementary School

Our Spaces

Our Elementary School spaces provide a positive and vibrant backdrop for some of your child’s formative experiences. We strive to provide a modern, collaborative, and welcoming space for our Elementary students to learn and flourish as they develop their academic, social, and emotional well-being and understanding of the world around them.

Spaces to Thrive

Our Elementary School classrooms are bright, vibrant spaces where children learn in a positive and stimulating environment.

Your child will learn and grow in their home classroom and spaces dedicated to the arts and technology. Our home classrooms feature differentiated sections for learning, a wealth of books and resources to explore, and room to interact and have fun with their peers, all designed with your child’s safety and development in mind. 

... great facilities and a great campus! They use modern technology in the classrooms.

Elementary School Parent

Elementary School Library

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students enjoy weekly visits to the Elementary School Library as a part of their media literacy education. This dedicated space is intended to be a safe and quiet place for students to read, work on assignments, research topics for class, or explore their interests. Knowledgeable librarians direct children towards age-appropriate reading materials and offer suggestions to help ignite a love of reading. 

Our library catalog and a wealth of digital resources dedicated to Elementary School are also available online. 

TAISM’s Library Media Centers are a school-community resource and are open to students, staff, and parents Sunday to Thursday from 8 am to 4:30 pm.

Elementary School Cafeteria

The Elementary Cafeteria provides healthy, nutritious lunches for our students, as well as resources for those who wish to bring meals from home. Two combo meal types are offered daily: meat-based and vegetarian. Each combo meal includes a main course, vegetables, a side dish, fruit, and the student’s choice of drink. 

For those who wish to bring meals from home, microwaves (and assistance using them) are available in the cafeteria.