Elementary School


The curriculum at TAISM’s Elementary School is based on American international learning standards, which fosters a global perspective in children at a young age. Valuable and enriching experiences happen each day in our classrooms across core academic subjects and additional special classes.

A Strong Academic Foundation

Our curriculum inspires a lifelong love of learning for our students through motivating and meaningful experiences.

Here, your child will flourish academically and develop a rapport with our compassionate and empathetic teachers, who pay close attention to each of our learners’ individual needs. Our Elementary School's curriculum encompasses the following subjects:


Integrated Technology

Including technology into your child’s daily life helps your child build comfort, confidence, and ease in their daily interactions with devices and software. Each student at TAISM is provided an iPad to complete coursework on campus and at home. Our technology integration specialists provide instruction so students can understand how to effectively use technology in their learning and daily lives.

As your child progresses through TAISM, they will learn to incorporate more technology to extend their literacy and communication skills. 

Broad-based Education

A broad and balanced eduation at TAISM provides children with the skills, knowledge, and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals.

TAISM is such an incredible place for our kids to learn and grow !