Swimming at Elementary School TAISM

Elementary School


While academic excellence is central to life at TAISM, the education we provide is not limited to the classroom. With an expansive campus, superb facilities and specialist staff to call upon, we are able to introduce students to an exciting range of practical, physical, creative and adventurous activities and clubs.

After School Activities 

Each trimester, our young Eagles are offered a new rotation of activities to join, building interpersonal skills like teamwork and good sportsmanship. Your child will get to explore their interests and find new ones, from board games and gardening to building and robotics.

These co-curricular learning experiences help students experience new skills and begin cultivating their passions and interests. Students in grades 1-5 are eligible to take after school activities during each session, while students in Kindnergarten  are eligible to participate in the spring session.

Student Ambassadors

In grade 5, students can volunteer for the student leadership group. These student ambassadors provide school tours to new families, assist with special events, and participate in community service projects.


Beyond the physical education offered during the school day, students in grades 3–5 can participate in additional sports opportunities and the after-school swim program. Above all else, we encourage students in the sports program to be healthy, develop character, learn, and have fun.  


Music is an integral part of TAISM culture. In addition to the music classes that are part of the Elementary School curriculum, your child can elect to participate in the annual musical, sing in the after-school choir, learn the recorder, play the ukulele, and attend in- and out-of-school concerts.

Learn to Swim Program

All TAISM students are invited to join our Learn to Swim program. This program is developed around the American Red Cross standards for swimming education, and has six levels of education that allow students to advance in skills and confidence. Our state-of-the-art pool provides an excellent place for students to learn proper swimming techniques and water safety.