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Our Early Childhood program puts your child at the center of their learning. We plan our curriculum to be responsive to students’ interests and create meaningful experiences as students participate, inquire, and learn through structured play in our classroom learning centers. These centers are designed to support your child’s overall development and teach problem-solving skills, communication, and independent thinking. At TAISM, we encourage our students to be reflective, open, and offer their own unique insights as they learn and grow.

Program Structure

TAISM’s Early Childhood program is structured to give students maximum support as they grow and develop. This four-hour daily program is divided into Early Childhood 1 (EC1) and Early Childhood 2 (EC2):

For Age: 3 turning 4

In the EC1 classroom, students attend school from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm and are introduced to key concepts related to school. They are able to explore, learn at their own pace, and ask questions. A key component of EC1 is social-emotional development as well as engagement in hands-on learning activities. Students are taught to see themselves as readers, scientists, writers, and more.

For Age: 4 turning 5

EC2 has two flexible options to meet the needs of your child. The regular morning program runs from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. We also offer an extended day program where children remain at school from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm. For more details about the extended day program, click the flyer link below.

In EC2, students are encouraged to inquire, form deeper connections, and treat their peers with empathy as they learn through play. They learn fundamental skills across the curriculum and leave the program with a solid foundation to enter Kindergarten, which is the first year of Elementary School.

ec2 extended day program flyer

Mindy Martin EC Coordinator

Mindy Martin

Elementary School Associate Principal

Everything teachers plan at TAISM is student-centered. All decisions are made with learners' interests as a top priority.

Early Childhood Parent

TAISM Early Childhood Students enjoying a trip to the beach

Discover Oman

Discover Oman is TAISM’s flagship program where students get up close and personal with the people, nature, and culture of Oman. In our Early Childhood program, this means two separate weeks of field trips around the Muscat area where children have curated, age-appropriate experiences. We invite you to join these trips and make cherished memories with your child.

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