Early Childhood

Spaces to Thrive

We know that young children need stimulating spaces in which to learn, which is why we offer diverse spaces for them where they can learn and grow. All of our dedicated Early Childhood spaces are designed with our students’ unique learning styles in mind.

Collaborative Classrooms

Every classroom offers educational centers that incorporate different learning centers such as art, dramatic play, blocks, and more. These centers are specifically designed to support brain and motor skill development for your young child. Along with the centers, each child receives instruction in literacy, writing, math, science, and social studies that are incorporated into the daily lessons.

Early Childhood Library

We embrace young children’s sense of wonder through their love of books. Early Childhood students visit the library on a weekly basis where they are able to explore age-appropriate books and become familiar with the organization of the collection. Ensuring students are comfortable in a library setting sets a strong foundation for continued learning in the elementary years and for a lifelong love of reading.

Outdoor Exploration

Being outside and staying active is a vital part of a child's day, which is why we give them time to explore the outdoors and develop their gross motor skills. Barring inclement weather or extreme heat, we take the children outside daily to our safe, contained environment designed specifically for young children, where they are supervised during play.

Early Childhood Kitchen

Food and nutrition are an important part of growth. Your child will get the chance to visit our Early Childhood Kitchen, where they practice reading recipes and then cooking them with supervision. This activity is a great way for children to develop their independence, reading and motor skills, and confidence in their own abilities.