Early Childhood

Discover Oman

Fostering a global perspective and consciousness begins early at TAISM. Our Early Childhood students experience our Discover Oman program through a collection of day trips around Muscat that are curated to be exciting, full of discovery, and age-appropriate.

Begin Discovering Oman

Every TAISM student from Early Childhood through High School takes part in our flagship Discover Oman program, which gives students a chance to step outside their comfort zone and into the thriving, vibrant country we call home.

Through Discover Oman, our Early Childhood students experience day trips throughout the Muscat region to locations where they can experience the culture around them. These age-appropriate trips are carefully selected for our EC1 and EC2 students to stimulate and support their natural curiosity. You are welcome to join the class on these trips and participate in these meaningful experiences with your child.