The Magic of TAISM's Middle School Musical: A Journey with “Camp Rock"

Being a part of the Middle School Musical, “Camp Rock,” was an amazing experience, and I’m so grateful our school offers these opportunities to students. We expressed our devotion and commitment to theater through a fun activity that provides entertainment and allows students to control how they can impact the show. At TAISM, our choices reflected on us as a cast and represented our school’s performing arts program. I couldn’t be happier knowing I was part of a community like that.

The Musical is so much more than just performing. Much of our show’s success comes from backstage, where all of us work together to provide a performance everyone will remember. Personally, I built many friendships on the stage. Not having your best friends right by your side during rehearsals can influence you to make new friends or even just hang out with anyone within your reach. Now, most of my friends are from this year’s Musical. The stage is a unique place where anything’s possible.
It wouldn’t be a Musical without traditions, right? At TAISM, right before every performance, everyone’s given a pack of Skittles. This helps us get excited about performing and is a cute way to start the show. We also have a tradition on opening night: we all hold hands as a cast and squeeze one by one, slowly getting around the circle. It’s supposed to feel like you’re transferring energy throughout the circle and is a great way to relieve stress by putting whoever’s next to you at ease.
TAISM’s performing arts program runs from Elementary School to High School, appreciated TAISM’s dedication to its theater program, and that’s what inspired me to make this a priority in my life.

By Avanya, Grade 7 Student, Middle School.