TAISM Middle School student receieved Haas Hansen Student Award from NESA

Congratulations to our Grade 6 student, Lyla Rajda, who has been awarded the prestigious Haas Hansen Student Award from the Near East South Asia Council of Schools (NESA).

The Haas Hansen Student Award is given annually to a student of middle school age which recognizes young people who exhibit consistency, persistence, a willingness to take risks, acceptance of other cultures and points of view, and a genuine interest in and demonstrated commitment to the welfare of others. The award is sponsored by TieCare International.

Commenting on receiving the award, Lyla stated, “I am thankful for being given the
opportunity to receive the Stanley Haas / Luke Hansen Award. I will be donating the award
money to the school for special needs children in Oman to help support student’s annual fees.”

Here is a video clip from the CEO at TieCare International, the sponsors of the award.