TAISM Celebrates Sports Success

I am thrilled to share the fantastic news of our student athletes' achievements. They have demonstrated athletic skills, positive sporting behaviors, and commitment, making us all proud to be part of the TAISM community.

Congratulations to the Girls Soccer Team for clinching the SAISA championship! Their hard work, dedication, and teamwork have truly paid off. The Boys Basketball Team and the MS/HS Track and Field Team also displayed outstanding performances, securing second place at both SAISA Basketball and SAISA Track and Field! 

These achievements speak volumes about the talent and determination within the student body, and we celebrate all of their well-deserved success. Beyond the medals and accolades, I want to emphasize the importance of representing our school well with positive sporting behaviors. The student-athletes have not only showcased their athletic skills, but have also embodied the values of respect, and fair play. Their conduct on and off the fields and courts reflects the core principles of TAISM, and for that, we commend them. Whether celebrating victories or facing challenges, the student-athletes have represented themselves and our school very well. 

While we celebrate these accomplishments of the student-athletes, let’s also express our gratitude to the coaches, parents, teachers, chaperones, operations department, the business office, security, bussing, STUCO, principals, secretaries and just everyone in the school community involved in making Season Two 2024 a memorable and successful chapter in TAISM’s sporting history.

Congratulations, TAISM Eagles!

Kelly Lang - Athletic Director