NESA Educators Training Institute Hosted at TAISM

NESA Educators Training Institute Hosted at TAISM

The American International School of Muscat (TAISM) hosted the NESA Educators Training Institute in January 2024 where over 200 teachers, assistants and administrators from across the region gathered to learn more about research based instruction, assessment and future trends in their respective areas of expertise.  

Workshops included topics such as growing instructional coherence, evolutions in reading instruction, designing for impactful learning in Arabic classes, next generation assessment practices and much more. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to host this meaningful learning event building relationships amongst colleagues and to showcasing TAISM and Oman.

TAISM is a long-term member of NESA, The Near East South Asia Council of Overseas Schools. This organization is a non-profit association of 48 regional private, independent American/international schools serving students and their families in North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. For 50 years they have focused on promoting exemplary professional learning opportunities for educators working in their schools — in service of improved student learning. 

Currently NESA schools include countries stretching from Egypt and Greece to India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The event included people from a wide variety of these schools allowing educators the opportunity to learn together and share best practices. As one member said, “the aim of NESA is to create a better future for the students.”

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