International Day 2024

TAISM is home to children from all corners of the globe, welcoming families from diverse backgrounds. And what better occasion to celebrate this unity than International Day! 
On this day, the TAISM community comes together to celebrate diverse cultures by showcasing and sharing arts, music, traditions, attire, and, last but not least, delicious dishes from various cuisines. It is an event organized through the efforts of the entire community, both staff and students' families. Families of the same backgrounds come together to plan, organize, and host stalls to share their traditional arts and crafts as well as the popular food of their countries. Moreover, students, friends, and parents get the chance to make live performances to show their talents in music or dance. To add to the flavor of this multicultural event, entertainment such as kids' activities and a vendor market also takes place. Furthermore, local businesses and sponsors have the opportunity to connect with the community by giving prizes that add to the fun and excitement of the day. 
Over the years, the families of TAISM have developed a sense of belonging within this diverse and vibrant community. International Day at TAISM has continuously become an eagerly awaited day, where individual families flourish together as one multicultural family.
“You Belong Here” at TAISM!