A Brand New Look for TAISM

Today, we’re excited to roll out a new look and feel that celebrates TAISM’s education ethos and the community we serve here in Oman. The new TAISM brand is designed to better represent our continued commitment to providing a dynamic American international education, and communicate a cohesive and distinct visual identity.

Our new brand is an evolution—with new logos and typography that scale easily and can work better in more places and spaces. It is more refined, and uses a more diverse color palette while still maintaining the spirit of the original. 

Here is a look at some of the elements of our new brand, and some of the decisions and inspiration behind it.

New Logos


Our new brandmark shows the silhouette of a rising eagle against a backdrop inspired by Oman’s iconic mountains and breathtaking sunsets. It is paired with our new wordmark, which includes both our school’s acronym—TAISM (by which we are more commonly referred), along with the school’s name. 

TAISM Horizontal logo

Say hello to our new logo

TAISM Eagles
TAISM Eagles horizontal logo

Our new sports logo will feel familiar yet novel

TAISM’s new sports logo inherits the core colors and typography from the main brand, and features an updated Eagle brandmark that has been redesigned for clarity. However, the sports wordmark is italicized, to both distinguish it from the main brand, and to symbolize the movement and energy associated with sports at TAISM.  


TAISM Swimming

The new sports brand can be displayed by itself, or with logo lockups to showcase our location in Oman, or to identify one of our sports programs and teams. 


New Colors

Core Brand Colors

Subtle changes have been made to our core brand colors, and a fourth color has been added to the palette. These colors now represent TAISM's four school divisions: Teal for Early Childhood, Blue for Elementary School, Red for Middle School and Gold for High School. 

School Division Colors

TAISM's School Divisions are now color-coded for quick visual recognition. 

Our new brand also introduces a fresh set of supporting colors inspired by Oman’s vibrant culture, grand architecture, and diverse environment. We're proud to have a resulting palette that is distinctly Oman, and uniquely TAISM.

TAISM Color Inspiration

A color palette inspired by Omani culture, architecture and geography


& Much More

Our new branding features updated fonts, patterns, custom icons and many more elements that we can wait for you to experience!