Festival of Choirs

TAISM founded the first Festival of Choirs held in the Middle East in 2004. Since then, it has grown into a beloved weekend-long tradition that brings together students and choral teachers from across our region to celebrate music and community.

A Celebration of Music

In March of 2004, TAISM founded the first-ever Festival of Choirs held in the Middle East. The program was a vision of TAISM's choral music teacher Melanie Brink and TAISM's Director Kevin Schafer. The planning began in the fall of 2002 to organize an event that involved four high school choirs, and how sweetly it has evolved!

What makes the Festival of Choirs unique among other musical events? Instead of requiring individuals to audition, choral directors create a selective process of who will best represent their schools as a vocally balanced (SATB) ensemble - ultimately deciding what carefully nurtures the development of each program in our little corners of the world.

 During our weekend together, participants are engaged in approximately 15 hours of rigorous rehearsals – polishing preparations in the weeks leading up to the Festival. Through the years, over 2000 students, representing dozens of schools and nationalities, have shared in heart and song at TAISM's Festival of Choirs. Such diversity enriches every facet of our students' lives, and is among many of the joys and honors they receive from an international education.

When we founded the Festival of Choirs, it allowed us to connect with other schools in the area and celebrate something we all love: music. Since music is such a large part of TAISM's culture, the Festival is a beloved event in our community.

Kevin Schafer, TAISM Director

More Than Performances

While performances by participating choirs are the highlight of the Festival, our Festival of Choirs is more than music. It's an opportunity for students from around the world to meet and connect. Students join together in rehearsals, spend time together during meals, play games, and make lifelong friends.