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Your child will encounter many teachers in his or her lifetime. We are confident that the ones he or she will remember ~ feeling the impact of care, expertise, professionalism, and dedication ~ will be those found leading the TAISM classrooms. Our standards are high for one another. We enter each day as an opportunity to grow. While we celebrate student accomplishments, we also embrace their mistakes. Because what we hold true is that at the end of the day, it comes down to learning. 

Al Mamari, Badar
Security and Safety Manager

Almeida, Catarina
Early Childhood 2 Teacher

Ashkar, Hilda
ES/MS/HS Arabic Teacher

Becker, Carissa
Grade 1 Teacher

Becker, Curtis
HS Math Teacher

Brink, Greg
HS Math Teacher

Brink, Melanie
MS/HS Choral Teacher

Brink, Scott
MS Social Studies Teacher

Brown, Cheryl
HS Counselor for Colleges & Careers

Cabaluna, Amy
Grade 1 Teacher

Cabaluna, Thomas
Kindergarten Teacher

Callaway, Andrea
MS Counselor

Callaway, Ryan
MS Librarian

Campbell, Jeffrey
MS Math Teacher

Charnitski, Danielle
Kindergarten Teacher

Coleman, Megan
Grade 4 Teacher

Coleman, Tim
Grade 3 Teacher

Diller, Charlotte
Technology Director

Dutia, Hemant
Business Manager

Elbin, Andrew
ES/MS Music Teacher

Elbin, Rachel
ES Music Teacher

Everett, Daniel
ES Counselor

Fernandez, Zulima
HS Spanish Teacher

Fix, Robert
HS English/Social Studies Teacher

Foltz, Melissa
ES/MS/HS Spanish Teacher

Gasser, Dante
MS Science Teacher

Gerard, Severine
MS/HS French Teacher

Gibney, Jessica
MS Language Arts Teacher

Gibney, John
HS Science Teacher

Glenz, Christopher
HS Physics Teacher

Gossett, Julie
HS English Teacher

Harder, Kerry
Curriculum Director

Hays, Christopher
ES Librarian

Hindash, Darcy
MS Science Teacher

Hoffman, Mike
ES IT Teacher

Hovland, Daniel
Elementary School Principal

Hovland, Kristine
MS/HS Drama Teacher

Ingram, Kenneth
ES ELL Teacher

Johnson, Carey
MS Science Teacher/ES Science Coordinator

Johnson, Chad
MS Math Teacher

Kelly, Chrystal
High School Counselor

Kelly, Shawn
HS Chemistry Teacher

Khalil, Carla
ES/MS/HS French Teacher

Kriefall, Jacob
ES Art Teacher

Kriefall , Katie
Grade 5 Teacher

Krishnan, Gokul
IT Network and Systems Manager

Kuti, Brian
Grade 4 Teacher

Kuti, Kendra
MS Lang. Arts/ Social Studies Teacher

Lahiri, Keya
MS/HS Student Support Teacher

Lang , Kelly
Athletics & Activities Director

Larios, Michael
HS PE Teacher

Lee, Cori
Aquatics Coordinator/HS Aquatics Teacher

Lee, Peter
MS Principal

Leibel, Rachael
Grade 5 Teacher

Leibel, Ryan
ES Associate Principal

Lovett , Jeffrey
Bosch Center Manager/ Theater Technician

MacDonald, Laura
MS/HS Health Teacher

Makri, Zakaria
HS/MS Arabic Teacher

Mayberry, Addie
Early Childhood 2 Teacher

McGowan, Sharon
Grade 2 Teacher

Mongardi, Marcello
MS/HS IT & Media Literature Teacher

Mongardi, Samantha
ES/MS Art Teacher

Montoya, Raymond
MS/HS Art Teacher

Newman, Abby
Grade 2 Teacher

Newman, Jeremy
MS PE Teacher

Osborne, Sarah
Grade 2 Teacher

Pandya-Rao, Deepali
ES Student Support Coordinator

Perdiguero, Mario
Facilities Manager

Petersen, Richard
HS Principal

Rauk, Kelly
Grade 5 Teacher

Rauk, Luther
MS PE Teacher

Roland, Kara
Grade 1 Teacher

Roland, Travis
Grade 2 Teacher

Sabbagh, Taline
ES/MS Arabic Teacher

Schafer, Kevin
School Director

Serna, Denise
MS Language Arts/MS ELL Teacher

Spilles, Carl
HS Social Studies Teacher

Spilles, Paige
HS Librarian

Stevens, Anne
Grade 3 Teacher

Stevens, Michael
Grade 4 Teacher

Stone, Effie
ES PE Teacher

Takayoshi, Joshua
ES PE Teacher

Webster, Jason
HS Social Studies Teacher

Willson, Tim
MS/HS Instrumental Music Teacher

Wood, Loralea
Early Childhood Coordinator/ EC 1 Teacher

Woods, Rashondra
HS English Teacher

Yates, Eva
Grade 3 Teacher

Yates, Thomas
HS Math Teacher

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