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Commitment to Community

We are fortunate to have a wonderful community of students, staff, and parents at TAISM. Here, gather for community events throughout the school year to celebrate, learn, compete, and grow together. Learn more about some of the exciting events we host on the TAISM campus.

There's a strong feeling of community at TAISM. We've been in Oman for 15 years, and TAISM has made life easy.

TAISM Parent

International Day

For International Day, families come together to celebrate cultures from around the world through music, dance, food, and crafts. Students, staff, and parents dress in their home country’s traditional clothes, engage in activities and entertainment, and experience our “Foods Around the World” booths.

Fall Festival

TAISM's annual Fall Festival features games, a student-created wax museum, plays, face-paining, treats, costumes, and more. Hallways throughout the school are decorated, and older students collaborate with parent volunteers and staff to coordinate events for Elementary and Early Childhood students.

Terry Fox at TAISM

The Terry Fox Run at TAISM is a cherished tradition in our community. This event raises awareness and funds for local cancer research efforts and has benefitted successful childhood leukemia research at Sultan Qaboos University. Each division of TAISM hosts events before the run to raise funds and awareness.

SAISA Events

SAISA is more than sports—it's a chance for students from international schools to meet, experience other countries and learn from one another. TAISM hosts competitions each year, welcoming students from around the world to our campus. 


Our Community

Community Events

Celebrating Our 17th Annual TAISM Terry Fox Run: A Legacy of Gratitude

The TAISM Terry Fox Run goes beyond fundraising, embodying the school's values of community contribution. This year's theme, "Dear Terry," honors Terry Fox's legacy and his impact on cancer research. Leading up to the event, students engage in various activities, showcasing creativity and dedication. The run fosters connections among students and supports cancer research in Oman, with funds raised for Dr. Sirin Adham's study. This year, the event raised 4963 Omani Rials, highlighting the community's compassion and commitment to making a difference.

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High School MUN - Model United Nations

The High School Model United Nations (MUN) club had a successful year, enhancing members' diplomacy skills through debates and conferences. TAISM hosted the 15th Annual MUN Conference, 13 local schools for a total of 190 delegates. The Secretariat members were commended for their dedication in organizing the event. Following this, they prepared for the PSMUN conference in Athens, Greece, where they also explored the country's culture and history. 

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