Annual Events

TAISM has many annual events that occur within classrooms and outside as well. The anticipation and excitement of these events can be felt throughout the community. It’s through togetherness that we hope to uplift and engage our community, enrich our journey, and ensure that TAISM celebrates learning by rising to the challenge.

Examples of such events are Back to School Nights, Fall Festival, TAISM Gala Ball, Movember, Terry Fox Head Shave, TAISM Prom, Choralation, HS Choir Coffee House, Kindred Benefit Concert, MUN Conferences, SAISA Tournaments, Parent Coffees, Literacy Workshops, Guest Author Visit, Teen Book Week, Poetry Month, International Day, TAISM Festival of Choirs, Graduation, MS Unity Day, ES Rainbow Day, ... 

International Day

TAISM’s diverse community comes together every year to celebrate our cultural backgrounds as well as our collective identity as a school community. Families, coming from over 60 different nationalities participate in this annual event of music, dance, food and crafts. Students, staff and parents dress in their home country’s traditional clothes and offer a wide range of unique foods at the ” Foods Around the World” booths. The performance stage program showcases many multicultural productions of music and dance. There are plenty of activities available for the whole family to enjoy an afternoon of fun and entertainment. This event is not to be missed as it is a highlight of the year at TAISM. 

TAISM Festival of Choirs

In March of 2004, TAISM founded the first ever Festival of Choirs held in the Middle East. The program was a vision of TAISM’s choral music teacher Melanie Brink and TAISM’s Director Kevin Schafer. The planning began in the fall of 2002 to organize an event that involved four high school choirs, and how sweetly it has evolved! ~ What makes Festival of Choirs uniquely special from other musical events? Instead of requiring individuals to audition, choral directors create a selective process of who will best represent their schools, as a vocally-balanced (SATB) ensemble - ultimately deciding what carefully nurtures the development of each program, in our own little corners of the world. During the weekend together, participants are engaged in approximately 15 hours of rigorous rehearsals – polishing preparations in the weeks leading up to the Festival. Through the years, over 2000 students, representing dozens of schools and nationalities, have shared in heart and song at TAISM’s Festival of Choirs. Such diversity enriches every facet of our students’ lives, and is among many of the joys and honors they receive from an international education.

Festival of Choirs - Artistic Programming & Guest Conductors

2004 An Instrument of Peace
Dr. James R. Johnson, Professor of Choral Music at Augustana College, South Dakota

2005 Hope For Resolution
Mrs. Cathleen Britton, O’Gorman High School Choral Director &  President of SD-ACDA

2006 Everybody Singing, Everybody Dancing
Dr. Timothy Peter, Associate Professor of Choral Music at Luther College, Iowa

2007 Turn The World Around
Dr. Christopher Aspaas, Professor of Choral Music at St. Olaf College, Minnesota

2008 I Dream a World
Dr. Christopher Aspaas, Professor of Choral Music at St. Olaf College, Minnesota

2009 Let Your Heart Be Staid
Dr. Therees Hibbard, Associate Director of Choral Activities at University of Nebraska

2010 From This House, To the World
Mr. Phillip A. Swan, Associate Director of Choral Studies at Lawrence University, Wisconsin

2011 World of My Devising
Dr. Lauren Fowler-Calisto, Director of Choral Studies at Christopher Newport University, Virginia

2012 Hearts All Whole  
Dr. Sandra K. Peter, Associate Professor of Music at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa

2013 In Every Corner
Dr. Lynda R. Hasseler, Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities at Capital University, Ohio
with Special Guests, Philomel, Capital University, Ohio

2014 In Sweet Accord
Dr. Anton Armstrong, Tosdal Professor of Music at St. Olaf College, Minnesota

2015 Though Many, One
Dr. Christopher Aspaas, Associate Professor of Choral/Vocal Music at St. Olaf College, Minnesota

2016 Heart of the World
Dr. Edith A. Copley, Regents’ Professor and Director of Choral Studies at Northern Arizona University

2017 Shine
Dr. Jeffery Redding, Director of Choral Activities at West Orange High School, Winter Garden, Florida

2018 A Door Opens
Dr. Nicole Lamartine, Director of Choral Activities at the University of Wyoming
Kyle Pederson, guest composer

2019 Common Threads
Timothy C. Takach and Jocelyn Hagen, Nation