It’s no wonder that TAISM is considered a home even after seniors graduate or families relocate.

Growing up in an international community, references are often made to the relationships we create with people very different from us. Yet, we find we are more the same than different. Our basic needs as humans - attachment, connecting, and contributing - are met at TAISM each and every day. When our paths cross in Muscat, something extraordinary happens to students, parents, and staff. Our sense of community extends far wider than inside our school walls, whether it be the greater Muscat community, our host country Oman, or our worldwide Alumni family.

TAISM: a community of learners, a community of innovation and tradition, a community that has a ripple effect on one another. We celebrate every part in the play. We cheer for every position on every team. We notice the time and work of every parent volunteer. What makes being a TAISM Eagle uniquely special is the true sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself.

Fall Festival, the Terry Fox Pep Assembly, Parent Coffees, the choral anthem Like an Eagle at graduation, High School Prom, Elementary School Rainbow Day, Middle School Unity Day, the TAISM Gala Ball — these cherished traditions and experiences generate feelings of excitement and anticipation. Friendships are ingrained and lifelong connections are made that educate our community far beyond the faculty meeting, the parent-teacher conference, or a grade on a project. Family and friends oceans, and time zones apart, are invited to view teacher blogs and livestreamed occasions, so that they too join our circle of support and celebration.

TAISM. Rising to the Challenge - TOGETHER.