Teaching at TAISM

Sponsored by the US Embassy and utilizing an American international curriculum, TAISM offers co-curricular learning on a state-of-the-art campus and is staffed with an exceptional team of 78 educators in ECE through grade 12.

Is TAISM for you?

It takes a special kind of person to be an international educator. And at TAISM it’s not just about educational credentials and experience qualifications.

Our most successful teachers possess energetic and adventurous spirits. They’re confident, flexible, and innovative. They create the best possible learning environment for their students, utilizing a progressive American and international curriculum. If this sounds like you and you’re a certified educator with a minimum of two years of teaching experience, check TAISM’s current opportunities to discover what could be the next step in your teaching career.

“TAISM has so many family friendly events and facilities. There is always something to do, and somebody to hang out with.”

Kara, ES teacher

What makes TAISM extraordinary?

A school you would choose for your own children

From rigorous academics to life-changing cultural experience and outstanding co-curricular programs, TAISM offers an inclusive, international community led by a caring and highly-trained team of educators and support staff. Imagine the personal and professional satisfaction as you apply your creative teaching expertise in an intimate class setting. The typical class size at TAISM does not exceed 20 students.

Salary and Benefits

Here, you'll earn a tax-free, competitive salary while teaching an American standards-based (AERO) curriculum in a co-educational, college-preparatory private school setting. Learn more about what could be included in your compensation package


Join an exceptional team of educators supported by teacher assistants throughout TAISM'S pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, science and swimming programs. Inspired and enthusiastic educators apply their North American and global experience to our teaching community, bringing an international strength to our faculty. At TAISM you'll establish a lifelong network of colleagues and friends.

Cultural Connections

Establish and grow cultural connections with a diverse student body of more than 50 nationalities. Embrace a new culture. Not only will you experience the wonders of life in Oman, but you can travel to places you’ve only read about.

Professional Growth

At TAISM our focus on learning extends beyond the classroom. Professional development opportunities exist across our campus, and around the world. We encourage our teachers to develop and share their skills and talents through attendance at seminars and conferences, and by providing access to online resources that ensure our staff stays abreast of the latest techniques and strategies.

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