Destination Oman

Oman is like no place else on earth. With its well-deserved reputation for hospitality, Oman welcomes visitors and expatriates alike with open arms. It's no wonder this country is considered the Jewel of the Middle East.


Oman Defies Expectations

“Oman shouldn’t, according to the cruel logic of the world, exist - but it does, and it’s incredible.” - Anthony Bourdain, world renowned chef and host of culinary and cultural adventure programs. Explore Oman from Anthony Bourdain's perspective and learn more about his impressions of the singularly amazing country. 

Well Positioned

Tiwi Beach

Coastal wonders: Five of Oman's most beautiful beach spots

National Geographic highlights Oman's coastal wonders. Desert terrain juxtaposes with azure ocean to jaw-dropping effect in Oman. In a country abundant with expansive deserts, Oman has some of the best beaches in the world, and the "Top Five" are accessible from Muscat!

Wahiba Sands

Where Skyscrapers Are Illegal and Hospitality Runs Deep

Travel and Leisure magazine describes Oman as one of the most beautiful countries in the Arabian Peninsula, and consistently ranks us in the top 50 places to travel in the world. Imagine living in a country so beautiful that no skyscrapers are allowed to obstruct your view!

Muscat and More

What’s it like to be in Muscat? According to the UK’s Sunday Times, “historic sites may dominate the centre, but this corner of old Arabia is also lined with beautiful beaches, creating a city where you can spend the morning gazing at arabesque arches and minarets, and the afternoon swimming with majestic turtles in warm waters.”

Things to Do

According to InterNations, the world's largest global expat networking organization, 96% of expats feel safe in the Sultanate, compared with 81% globally. Check out these resources to find your unique community in Oman.

As expatriate residents of Oman, we feel safe and welcomed in this beautiful country where our family continues to enjoy camping, biking, and hiking in the endless natural wonders that the country has to offer. 
Carey Johnson, MS Science Teacher