Bus Service

TAISM offers an extensive and reliable bus service for families residing within Muscat. Experienced bus monitors ensure all students remain safe and secure during the ride.

Bus Service

Busing, contracted through a private company, is an add-on paid service available for all TAISM students. A mobile app lets families monitor their student's disembarking and arriving, and each vehicle has a bus monitor who ensures that all students are seated and seatbelted at all times. They will communicate with the school and/or parents if needed.


There are over 80 different After School Activities (ASA's) included within the cost of tuition for families. If your child chooses to attend an after school activity, they will take a later bus. TAISM operates 3 bus services at the end of the school day for students who are signed up for the yearly or half-yearly bus service. The buses depart at 3:45 pm, 4:40 pm and 5:20 pm.