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Early Childhood


EC1 & EC2

Prepare and Grow

Providing your child with hands-on learning experiences that encourage motor skill development, offers individualized learning, and develops their social skills in a safe, engaging environment.

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Elementary School


Kindergarten - Grade 5

Develop & Thrive

Cultivating your child’s curiosity in a collaborative learning environment that fosters imagination, teaches a lifelong love of learning, and develops a strong academic foundation.

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Middle School


Grades 6-8

Connect & Engage

Guiding your child toward academic excellence while they explore their interests through diverse course offerings, extracurricular activities, and leadership opportunities.

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High School


Grades 9-12

Imagine & Achieve

Empowering your teenager as they prepare for their future while setting goals, exploring their passions and becoming an ethical and responsible lifelong learner.

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Empowering Innovators: TAISM's Journey to the Vex Robotics World Championships

TAISM’s High School Robotics team competed at the Vex Robotics World Championships in Dallas, Texas, representing Oman as its only active VEX team. The event offered immense growth, exposure to global teams, and collaborative opportunities. Students showcased resilience and strategic thinking. TAISM’s comprehensive robotics program spans all school levels, fostering innovation and preparing students for STEM success. 

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TAISM's Annual Sustainable Development Goals Summit


TAISM held its second annual United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Summit on April 22, 2024. Ninth-grade students presented their research and proposed solutions to real-world issues, following a two-month learning process. They tackled problems like ocean acidification, recycling, and carbon footprint reduction, demonstrating their commitment to positive change. The event, featuring a keynote address by Mr. Ajwad Al Maskari from the United Nations, reflects TAISM's dedication to interdisciplinary learning and community engagement.

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Celebrating Our 17th Annual TAISM Terry Fox Run: A Legacy of Gratitude

The TAISM Terry Fox Run goes beyond fundraising, embodying the school's values of community contribution. This year's theme, "Dear Terry," honors Terry Fox's legacy and his impact on cancer research. Leading up to the event, students engage in various activities, showcasing creativity and dedication. The run fosters connections among students and supports cancer research in Oman, with funds raised for Dr. Sirin Adham's study. This year, the event raised 4963 Omani Rials, highlighting the community's compassion and commitment to making a difference.

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Modern Facilities


 In TAISM’s three libraries, students are able to explore our extensive and carefully-vetted collection of books, periodicals, digital resources and equipment, all carefully curated to support their learning and curiosity. 

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