Middle School Athletics


TAISM’s Middle School sports program includes Volleyball, Soccer, and Basketball that run for eight weeks at varying seasons throughout the year. TAISM works closely with other schools in Oman through the Muscat Secondary Sports League (MSSL), to offer quality games and tournaments. Our Middle School teams are also represented in the South Asia Inter-School Association (SAISA), with athletes taking part in both Track & Field and Swimming competitions.  

Middle School sports are open to all students enrolled in grades six through eight. Because no limit is placed on the number of students a team may field for our local MSSL competition, all Middle School students are encouraged to participate. Athletes are to display the utmost in maturity, self-discipline and positive role modeling at all times and in all situations. It is important that students acknowledge and accept the importance of being a dedicated member of a team.

Teams at the Middle School level will have a maximum of two practices per week, and games will be scheduled during these times whenever possible. Information regarding practices and fixtures will be provided by the coaches at the beginning of each season. Practices may be held from 3:40-5:10 p.m. or in morning sessions from 6:50-8:00 a.m. for SAISA teams. It is vital that each student inform their coach by email or in person of any absences from practice prior to the start of the session, or as soon as the absence is known. Eligibility to participate in games due to absence will be determined by the coach and/or administrator. Athletes should have suitable sports attire with appropriate shoes and a water bottle for each practice.

TAISM Athlete Handbook

Before taking part in any TAISM Sports team, parents and student athletes must be aware of each division’s Student Parent Handbook as well have read the Athlete Handbook. Both parties must also have fully completed, signed and handed in the Permission Slip and Player’s Contract Form to the Athletic Office or their coach.

Athlete Permission Slip and Player Contract

Before taking part in any TAISM team, parents and participants must be fully aware of each division’s Student Parent Handbook. Both parties must also have fully completed, signed and handed in the Permission Slip and Player’s Contract Form to the Athletic Office or their coach.


Team uniforms will be provided and must be worn to all games. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain and return the uniform at the end of the season. If uniforms are not returned or lost, a replacement cost will be charged.


TAISM will provide local transport to away games as well as transport back to TAISM after the event. Parents can pick up their children at the designated time communicated to them for each event. Parents can also collect their children from the host school after speaking with the coach.

Hosting Requirements

Meeting our responsibility to house participants from other schools in SAISA requires a full TAISM team effort.  Any student involved in a SAISA event or was previously hosted at a SAISA event must be either willing to host two or more visiting athletes, or find another TAISM family who will host on their behalf.

SAISA and International Travel

TAISM offers a wide variety of possible travel opportunties each year for our athletes, so it is imperative that parents and students consider their involvement and the financial implication early in the season and inform their coaches of their availability to travel.

The financial commitment for a SAISA trip includes: the athlete’s airline ticket, visa fee, tournament fee, and tournament t-shirt. Costs vary per sport, per year, based on location of the tournament. Total tournament costs average around 200-260 Omani Rials per trip. Trip costs will be communicated at the beginning of the sport season to athletes and their families in a letter from the Athletic Office.

All students will be housed with host families while at their tournament.

 Please contact the TAISM Athletic Office if you have any questions.

Kelly Lang, Athletics & Activities Director




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