Elementary After School Sports Program

TAISM Elementary School sports are played to help kids grow in mind and body.  The learning of skills, the development of good character traits, and having fun while playing are essential elements of the program and are considered more important than winning and losing. The growth and development of our students are our first priority and are enhanced by our caring coaches who create a wonderful environment to participate. Elementary School sports at TAISM are meant to be a positive experience for all involved members of the school community.

Goals of the ES Sports Program

Be Healthy

Be active during the week, improve your fitness, learn good exercise habits

Learn Skills

Offense and defense strategies, passing, trapping, throwing,

catching, dribbling, swim strokes, and more.

Develop Character

Positive sporting behaviors, teamwork, commitment,

communication, goal setting and decision making.

Have Fun

Exciting practices, end-of-season event, play with your friends, play fun sports

Belief Statements

  • Activities are open to all students with equal participation in practices and games.

  • Caring and qualified coaches create a safe environment in which to learn.

  • A variety of activities are offered to reach as many students’ interests as possible.

  • Parents play a vital role in supporting their child and the program in order to develop good citizenship and sportsmanship.

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