Welcome to the world of Aquatics at TAISM. We love the water and hope to share our love of swimming, water sports and aquatic activities with students. 

The TAISM Aquatics program is based on the following guiding principles in order to provide a meaningful and engaging learning experience for all students.

Aquatics Guiding Principles: 

  • To teach individuals of different ages and abilities how to swim and be safe in, on and around water. 
  • To provide an environment that helps swimmers improve their stroke technique, proficiency in the water and swim stamina. 
  • To provide a safe, developmental and challenging environment that promotes self-confidence and a desire to pursue personal and group goals. 
  • To promote a fun swim culture that develops and fosters positive sporting behaviors, team building/spirit, commitment, responsibility, appreciation for the sport and family support. 
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle that incorporates water sports and water-related activities to develop personal fitness.


See you at the pool! 


                                               Ms. Cori, Aquatics Coordinator

                                               Ms. Grace, Aquatics Assistant





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